Hey you.

It is pretty crazy isn't it? That the random girl, the stranger, who was placed in my life as my roommate freshman year, is now my best friend. My person. The one who just gets me. My best friend in this entire world.

I hear all these horror stories of getting a random roommate, but there was nothing random about you and me meeting. Everything happens for a reason. And you, you happened to me for an absolutely beautiful reason.

When I met you, I had no clue. I had no idea that a stranger would become someone who I do not know how to live without. I used to believe that no person could mean enough to me that I could not live without them. I thought if life existed before them, then life would go on without them around. But because of you, to me, that is no longer true. Because you are a part of me, a part of my life. And without you, my world would stop. It would not go on.

Yes some people are meant to come in and out of your life. Some people come and go with the seasons. But some people, some people come into our lives because they are meant to stay. I did not know that, not until you. When I say best friends forever, I mean forever. And that seems like a ridiculously long time for someone to be able to put up with me, but after all we have been through, I know you are not going anywhere no matter how neurotic I get or how crazy I drive you.

One of my favorite sayings is "It's not about who you've known the longest, it's about who came and never left." That saying held no meaning until I met you.

So yeah, you could still leave. You could walk out, just like everyone has in the past. You could. But you will not. And that, that is something I am completely certain of.

How do I know this?

I talk a lot in my articles about love. I talk about how love is louder than any voice of any struggle we will ever face. I say love is the only antidote, to just about everything. And your love, is the loudest love of any friendship I have ever experienced. Your love is genuine, your love is real, your love is true. And true love, once you have found it; stays forever.

There are no words to describe my thankfulness for your sudden, lasting, loving appearance in my life. But just know, that I am eternally grateful for you, your love, and all that you are.

Before you, I had friends. I had girls I even thought were "best" friends. But it never failed, that those friendships always failed. Through the crazy mess that is me, no one could stay there for me, no one could love me loud enough. Everyone eventually left me, sometimes it was life that pulled us apart, sometimes it was death. But the thing is these people were not bad people, they were not flawed for being incapable of loving me, they just.... they just were not you.

Some people are just created to bring out the best in each other. Some people are just designed to love a certain way that compliments each other, to have souls that are very old friends. Some people are just meant to be best friends. And I sure am glad I found mine.

I have sat here for some time trying to come up with a favorite memory to share, or an inside joke to slide in, but there truly is no way to summarize our friendship into one simple memory or joke. So here's to it all.

Here's to the laughs, the tears, the anxiety attacks, and the fears. Here's to the way we match, from our freshman dorm decorations, to our favorite beanies, to our hate for vegetables, all the way down to our matching hearts and souls. Here's to all the tinder boys you told me not to meet, and yet when things turned into a disaster you laughed with me and gave me pep talks when you easily could have said "I told you so." Here's to our self medicating shopping trips, our reinforcing each others bad yet harmless ideas, and the secret language of our silence. Here's to finishing each others sentences and believing in each other when we do not know how to believe in ourselves. Here's to the heartaches that we felt together. Here's to the joy we felt together. Here's to the way we overcome every obstacle with each other's help. Here's to the darkness, and the way you lit it up. Here's to you and your family taking me in as one of your own. Here's to the phone calls I made to you in times of distress, and the comforting familiarity of your voice on the other end. Here's to planning our future weddings and discussing and knowing we will be each other's made of honor. Here's to the way you are the only one who gets my weirdness, and knows exactly how to calm me down when I forget how to breathe. Here's to WebMD and always thinking we are dying. Here's to build a bears, fish tacos, and mini christmas trees. Here's to the hours spent in the library, and the years we will spend as friends.

Here's to you. Here's to me. Here's to us.

Here's to because you are here in my life, I am still here on this earth.

Here's to the years we will spend, here's to a bond that will never end, and here's to, my very best friend.