Yes, I’m An Only Child, And Here Is What You Should Know.
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Yes, I’m An Only Child, And Here Is What You Should Know.

I wouldn't change being an only child for the world.

Yes, I’m An Only Child, And Here Is What You Should Know.
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Being an only child can mean a lot of things, to a lot of different people. There is always the stereotypical: it's boring, it's lonely, there's no one to vent to, no one that understands, and we're spoiled, selfish, and antisocial. I am here to tell you, that one, all of these assumptions about being an only child are false, and two, not only are they false, but almost the complete opposite. Only children really do get placed into a very specific category, but I'm here to tell you everything you should know about only children (because we're actually pretty cool.) So here goes some debunking on myths about myself and the whole population of only children.

There is a sense of pressure we put on ourselves. Imagine being the only person in the family your parents have to be proud of. This right here is what I will give all of my credit to for being the self-motivated person I am today. There is something to be considered when knowing that you are not only doing certain things for yourself, but doing them for everyone else around you, because well, you're the only child in the family at the end of the day that is going to accomplish and crush goals.

We have a very specific way of doing things. Because I never grew up with siblings, there are certain things that I am particular about. Yes, I know how to share and be friendly to others, but I never had anyone else going through and messing up my closet without telling me, or that I should do things this way because 'my way is better'. This is why aesthetics are so pleasing, color coordination is my absolute JAM, and things constantly need to be where they are supposed to, so I can have peace of mind.

We get along well with adults. There is no 'kids' section' at the family dinner table, where all the kids gang up on the opposite side of the parents, while refusing to eat their veggies. In fact, I was always sat right in the middle of my parents, conversing and socializing about my day at school, and their days at work. Because my parents were the only people in my house that I had to communicate with, naturally I found it really easy to talk to adults and have mature conversations early on.

No, we are not loners. In fact, I feel as though this stereotype is the complete opposite for almost all only children. At home, we have no one but our parents, so when we do get the opportunity to be around people that are our age, going through the same things as I am and can be related to on a different level, we grab it almost immediately. Nothing against you, mom and dad, but there is something to be said about connecting with people that are your age and understand just a little bit more. With this being said, since I don't have siblings, I've worked hard to develop and maintain close friends as sort-of non-biological siblings.

However, our alone time is SO crucial. I have written before about the factors that go into me being an extroverted introvert, and well, yes, by default, being an only child will do this. Although we itch for that sense of connection with the outside world, and others around us, that alone time is more than cherished. Because I've grown up being so independent, it is natural that the sense of independency that was established since I was capable to understand what that meant, is going to carry on throughout the rest of my life.

We absolutely, without a doubt, hate conflict. I have never experienced a screaming match with a sibling, although I think it would be quite the experience, so of course conflict is not my cup of tea. Confrontation is easily one of the most challenging things for me, and even though it has gotten easier to communicate (yay for being a comm major), only children are definitely ones to keep a lot of things to themselves to avoid any sort of bumps in the road.

And lastly, both of my parents are quite literally the two best friends a girl could ever ask for. Yes, the intensity of all eyes and focus on you, can be a lot, but that does not mean I would trade my relationships with my parents for the world. They have taught me so much about life, they know everything about me, and yes, there were the days where some arguments got to be a little chaotic because you're the only one to take the heat, but this is what made me the person I am today. The relationship that is formed when you are the only one your parents have is something that I would never want to be changed. Yes, would my parents have had more children if they could, absolutely, and would I have accepted siblings, yes, but that was not the plan God had for us. Whatever your family dynamic is- if you're riding solo, have ten siblings, or anywhere in between, I hope you realize that every dynamic is special.

I can confidently say having the life of an only child is something I would never want to change. All the aspects listed above are what uniquely make me who I am today, and I am proud to say that it is all credits to being the one and only.

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