10 Things Only Only Children Experienced Throughout Childhood

1. You always think about what it would be like to have a sibling.

Being an only child leaves so much to the imagination when it comes thinking about what it would be like to have a brother or sister. You always think about if your parents would have had another child, WHAT WOULD THEY LOOK LIKE?!? Would they look like me? Would we have the same color hair and eyes? Would we be best friends or arch enemies? So many thoughts about how different your life would be with a sibling cross your mind growing up as an only child.

2. You definitely had imaginary friends growing up.

As an only child, you have no choice but to have a great imagination. Playing by yourself as a kid would get boring real quick, so you had to spice things up with an overactive imagination. Playing with your imaginary friends was most likely one of your favorite daily activities growing up as an only child. Forcing your parents to acknowledge them was something you took very seriously and they were probably lowkey concerned if that was normal behavior. As only children, our imaginary friends that we had as kids will forever hold a hilarious/special place in our hearts.

3. You are probably bad at sharing.

When it came to sharing your toys, playing with others, and taking turns as a kid chances are you struggled because you were never used to having to do it at home. One perk of not having any siblings is that you never had to worry about anyone breaking or stealing your things at home. You were probably in for a rude awakening when you started school and realized that you couldn’t play with whatever you wanted whenever you wanted. As an only child, you are most likely guilty of being a little selfish when it comes to sharing, waiting in line, or loaning things to people.

4. All eyes are on you

As an only child, chances are that you are your parents’ main focus and priority. You are their only child, therefore you are the only one they have to worry about. Being an only child can be a lot of pressure since there is no one else to blame for your mistakes as a kid. Like if you accidentally break your moms favorite coffee mug, there’s no brother or sister to try to blame it on. Chances are you attempted to blame the dog for a large number of the things you broke, spilled, and lost over the years. At the end of the day, you are your parents only child and you want to make them proud because you are the only one that can make them feel like a proud parent.

5. You feel comfortable around people older than you.

Growing up without any brothers and sisters most likely means that you spent more time around adults than other people your age who had siblings. Typically, only children feel very comfortable carrying on conversations with adults and people older than them because they have been doing it their entire life. You have always been surrounded by parents, grandparents, and other older family members rather than siblings your own age so being around people older than you feels natural. Often children who grow up without siblings are found to be mature for their age due to the fact that they spend more time conversing with adults.

6. You require a healthy amount of alone time.

When you grow up without being surrounded by siblings, you become very comfortable with being alone. As an only child, you probably learned to be independent at a very young age and did not feel the need to be surrounded by other people constantly. Being alone with your own thoughts and figuring things out on your own comes very naturally because you never had the presence of sibling to assist you. Adapting to having a roommate or living with a significant other could be particularly difficult for an only child because they can be selfish when it comes to their alone time.

7. People assume that you are spoiled.

As an only child, you have probably been stereotyped as being “spoiled” or “bratty.” In some cases, this is true because parents that only have one child feel obligated to give their child whatever they want. This can stem from parents’ fear that their only child will resent them or just lack of parenting experience and not knowing when to say “no.” Although this is common in families with just one child, it occurs just as much in families that have multiple children. It is easy for people to assume that since you don’t have any siblings that you get whatever you want. In some cases, it's harder for children without siblings to achieve the approval of their parents because their expectations are ridiculously high. All families are on a budget, not just families with multiple children, therefore only children don’t just get everything handed to them like people often assume.

8. Will I ever have nieces and nephews?

One thing about being an only child is that you will never have the opportunity to have biological nieces or nephews. The only way we will get the chance to be Aunts/Uncles is if we marry someone who has siblings. Some people who don’t have siblings find the idea of a huge family intimidating because they aren’t used to it, but on the other hand, some only children crave a big family as they get older because they did not get to experience it growing up. Marrying a person who also doesn’t have any siblings could either lead to very boring holidays/family gatherings or peaceful one where children aren’t dominating the evening.

9. You are extremely close with your family.

When you don't have siblings to spend time with growing up, you spend a large portion of your time with your parents, grandparents, and cousins. Your cousins are pretty much like the siblings you never had and they are the closest things you will ever get to having brothers and sisters. You have a unique relationship with your parents because you are their only offspring and no one can ever compare to the spot you hold in their heart. You go to these people for everything and value your relationship with them dearly. Your small family, though they may make you want to pull your hair out sometimes, means more to you than anything.

10. You wouldn't change your childhood for anything.

Although you didn't grow up roughhousing or playing with siblings, you wouldn't trade it for the world. Like all things, being an only child had its pros and cons. Growing up as the only child in your family made you who you are, it shaped you into the person you are today who is reading this article. You were meant to be the only child your parents ever had and that in its own way is so beautiful. At the end of the day, the love between just you and your parents is something that can never be replaced.

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