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    My name is Grace Lindsley, I am from Green Bay, WI, and I am a Junior at Marquette University. My family consists of myself, my mom, and my dad. Growing up, I was not very fond of being an only child because I didn't have any siblings or people to be with, but as I got older, I gained an appreciation for the independent person it ultimately made me. With this sense of independence, I do often cherish the rare times that I get to spend with just myself, although I would still describe myself as someone who is very outgoing and extroverted, that loves to be around, and get to know people.

    In my free time I love doing things that promote a healthy lifestyle, and positive mindset, which for me include; eating healthy & staying active, journaling, diving deeper into my faith, and surrounding myself with positive attributes that will make me the best version of myself possible. At school, I am on Dance Team, in Sigma Kappa sorority, and involved in campus ministry, belonging to a club called FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

    I am majoring in Communication Studies, and minoring in Marketing and Corporate Communications, in hopes to one day pursue a job that entails sales and marketing, leaning more towards the business side. My dream job would be to be a reporter/broadcaster for either news or sports.

    Writing has always been a passion of mine. Writing is something that I can use to my advantage as an escape, to put my thoughts on to paper, and as a positive contributing factor in my life that allows me to express myself in a different way.

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