Life can get lonely growing up as an only child, but there are also many benefits to not having sibling rivalry. After spending so much time alone, participation in social events can seem overwhelming. Having the undivided attention of your parents can feel claustrophobic while growing up, but once you're out on your own, you may start to miss their presence. Here are some of the issues only children deal with:

1. You had imaginary friends growing up.

Since there were no siblings to play with, you had to make up your own.

2. You're really bad at babysitting.

You never had to take care of a younger sibling, so you have no idea how to hold a baby or entertain a young child.

3. You're used to getting lots of attention.

Both of your parents concentrated all of their time on raising you and being in the spotlight feels natural for you.

4. Your pets were your siblings.

Your cats and dogs were always there for you and became your family.

5. You don't like sharing.

You never had to share your toys or food with anyone, so you don't know how.

6. You need alone time.

You've gotten used to being alone for long periods of time. Unlike your other sociable friends, you need time to yourself.

7. You never get to blame a sibling for your mistake.

You were always the one that got in trouble, there was no getting out of anything.

8. All the pictures in your house are just of you.

All eyes are on you! Every school picture is on the wall and fridge for everyone to see.

9. Everyone assumes you're really spoiled.

Many people expect you to need constant recognition and attention since you're an only child. Only sometimes this is true...

10. You feel awkward when your friends fight with their siblings.

You never know if they're just teasing each other of if it's a serious fight because you've never experienced sibling rivalry.

11. You're very close with your parents.

After spending so much time with them, you have become very close and this bond remains strong even when you move out on your own.

12. Your cousins became your siblings.

You may only get to see them during family holiday parties, but they have become like your own brothers and sisters throughout the years.

13. You feel pressured to carry out the family name.

It's up to only you to have kids so your parents can have grandchildren and this stresses you out sometimes.

14. You often wonder what life would be like if you had a brother or sister.

What would it be like to have an older sister to borrow clothes from? Or a younger brother to play outside with? These are thoughts you have when you're feeling especially lonely.

15. You treat your best friends as family.

You are very close with your friends and will always cherish their friendship.