Old-Fashioned Romance? Yes Please.
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Old-Fashioned Romance? Yes Please.

Why did relationships have to go from innocent to reckless?

Old-Fashioned Romance? Yes Please.
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Have you noticed that our generation does not understand the meaning of relationships? What happened to the kind of relationships where you trust each other, help each other, are there for each other, bring the girl flowers on a first date instead of trying to hook up on the first date? What ever happened to craving a person so innocently, where all you want to do is run up to them and hug them, hold them close to you and not let go?

There is no emotional connection between the men and the women nowadays. It seems to be all about the masculinity and the fragility. Some men do not want to give up their masculinity, dominating personalities, and typical stereotypes long enough just to give a small amount of emotional support to a girl when it is needed most.

I have noticed many people breaking off their relationships due to over-controlling, jealous, aggressive partners. These over-powering partners push themselves onto the other person which seems to disconnect the emotions that are felt at the beginning of the relationship. That is when the "honeymoon stage" is over. When you start to see parts of your significant other that are either dangerous red flags or just completely opposite of who they had you believing they were, then you have every right to either sit down with this person and clear the air or stand up for yourself and know your self-worth/what you deserve.

Nowadays, people do not do any of that. In fact, they stay quiet when it comes to dangerous and toxic relationships. A lot of the victims in this kind of relationship tend to think that they deserve it and do not notice how important it is that they live their life and know that they deserve to be happy-- not hurt.

As for the people who are single, you have to be aware of these situations as well. There will come a time when a guy or a girl will make you feel like the most important person in the world... Maybe even boost your self-esteem and make you feel invincible. This will cause you to break down your walls and trust them. I am not saying this is a bad thing-- everyone experiences things like this in their lives, but, you have to know how to manage and handle the situations for your own health.

You can connect with this other individual on such a deep level and get your hopes high that something amazing will come out of it, and sometimes, good things do come out of the relationship that is built between the two of you, but other times... You may just need to run and steer clear. If the person makes you question the things they say to you, then you need to confront yourself and think about the things that are being said. It is important to be yourself, and trust your instinct. It hurts, especially when you really are interested in this other person. However, in the long run, it is your choice on what to do in situations like these, but, you need to trust yourself and know who YOU are and how YOU deserve to be treated.

Relationships in this generation are tricky. Lies and misconceptions can be told due to technology. Not many people are straight-forward lately and that leads to heartbreak, confusion, being lead on or used.

The old-fashioned kind of romance was the best in my opinion... Everything seemed innocent and honest, unlike today. People do not really think about this but, there are many who self-harm or even commit suicide due to relationship problems such as emotionally abuse, believing that they are not good enough or even getting through a breakup. The need for human belonging and interaction is intense and many would do some irrational things to prove their feelings for someone or to cope with things because due to triggered anxiety and confusion.

Old-fashioned relationships vs. relationships of this generation:

Back then people met face to face when date rape and drugs were not a major issue, even though women still were careful. Now, this is an issue that circulates and targets men and women because not only women are victims of heart-break and confusion when it comes to relationships and emotions.

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