3 Questions That Weren't Answered During The Trial Of The Century
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3 Questions That Weren't Answered During The Trial Of The Century

Was OJ Simpson truly innocent or did he possibly have help?

3 Questions That Weren't Answered During The Trial Of The Century

In 1994, the world stood still as the white Bronco cruised down the highway. Police talked behind, in hopes of calming the suspect down from a possible suicide, or worse, homicide-suicide attempt. Orenthal was adamant about seeing his mother before he turned himself in. Amazingly, that is exactly what happened when he pulled into his Brentwood home minutes later.

OJ Simpson is, by far, one of the most polarizing figures in American pop culture, not only for his alleged actions, in regards to the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. He is polarizing because so many people truly believe that he either committed the crime or knows who did, and he has remained tight-lipped this entire time. I, myself, am even flustered by how someone could possibly not seek out the person who brutally killed the mother of his children, and one of her friends.

This article will be short and simple because there are so many different factors that led to his acquittal during his trial. However, a few friends and I discussed this issue and we came up with a few questions that still have not been answered, at least in our opinions.

Why did the LAPD tamper with the evidence?

During the trial, the defense proved that the LAPD conducted improper crime scene procedures. If OJ was truly guilty, what would prompt the LAPD to hurt their own case against him. It makes no sense to place a random blanket from inside the house over Nicole's body because they would know that there are possible hairs or other things that could contaminate the blood around her body. Also, why would they remove blood from the crime scene, just to place it back? It's an interesting scenario, to say the least.

Could Jason have committed the murders and OJ be covering up for him?

Jason was older when his mom and dad split up. He knew about his father cheating on his mom and it's quite possible to believe that he felt that it was Nicole's fault for his mom's passion and anguish. I believe that it is definitely possible for Jason to act out on that anger, especially after seeing the way that his father acted towards Nicole as they got older. Jason also had a few choice words and a swing or two for AL Cowlings, OJ's best friend, when they pulled up the house after the Bronco chase. Is it possible that he felt that A.C. contributed to his father's surrender? I would say that's something to think about when analyzing this whole ordeal.

Why did the prosecution use the gloves first?

There are SEVERAL reasons that the gloves would not have fit. The main reason was that the leather would have shrank by the time of the trial. The gloves were in police custody so there was no way that they were in their original state. Also, OJ had an arthritis-like issue with his joints, so when it came out that his team suggested that he not take his medicine for a couple of weeks so that the gloves wouldn't fit, why would the prosecution not bring that up? Is it possible that Chris Darden's arrogance and willingness to beat Mr. Johnnie Cochran blinded him from using the common sense that he had used all of his life? I believe so. Lastly, OJ had acted for several years, whether in commercials or in full fledged movies. He was a pretty decent actor so it would be possible to say that he didn't put the glove on entirely to begin with. He would have sold this image of "the gloves can't fit properly" to better help his case. Why did the prosecution not pick up on this?

There are several other questions that I have about this case, and although Mr. Simpson is eligible for parole next summer, I highly doubt that he will be released any time soon. For now, we will all continue to speculate the facts and errors during the Trial of the Century.

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