An Ode To Sandals
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An Ode To Sandals

An Ode To Sandals

Ahhhh, Summer! Time to let loose, put your toes in the sand and become one with nature. This leaves many of us in search of a summer staple — sandals. There is legitimatley no better feeling than after months of wearing riding boots, tennis shoes and ballet flats than when you finally get to wear any thing with an open toe. Basics unite in their new Rainbows, Sam Edelman and Torys (me included), or Jack Rodgers if you go to school in the SEC.

Meanwhile, a new sandal trend has appeared on the horizon: Birks. Birkenstocks have a long history of being worn by your umm ... eccentric aunt with her veggie oil fuel car and ten rescue animals or by people who shopped at health food stores before cleanses and going gluten-free were in vogue. But as with almost everything, Birkenstocks have made a comeback to become, dare I say, fashionable.

Maybe it's just because I go to Cal Berkeley and live in the Bay Area, but Birkenstocks seem to be popping up everywhere. Trendy college girls, from fashion bloggers to celebrities are wearing them or even higher-end shoe brands who have designed Birkenstock-inspired sandals for their spring/summer lines.

They come in all kinds of patterns and colors now, so I guess they're sort of trying to be cute? Cutting edge website Betches Love This even dubbed them the "Uggs of Summer." And I get it, they're comfy, and their earthiness makes us feel like we're having our very own summer of '69, Woodstock vibes, what have you. They aren't for everyone, but if you can pull them off be my guest.

Beyond Birkestocks, a perfect go-to is a the simple sandal with a t-strap or gladiator cage straps, maybe even a small bow or some studs if you like to live dangerously. Great brands to look at are Steve Madden, Vince Camuto, Sam Edelman and Dolce Vita, but you probably already know that, and have some, because just about everyone does.

As much as that seems like it would be a bad thing, there is a reason why everyone's got these. They say "I care about the way I present myself enough to NOT just buy $5 Old Navy flip flops, but I don't want anything overwhelming or too over the top". At least, that's how I personally rationalize buying multiples of these. They're also great since they are cute without distracting from your outfit, which is a good thing when you're wearing vibrant summer hues and striking prints.

Most likely, you'll have at least a few special occasions planned this summer or at least some occasions you'll justify dressing up for, so you're gonna want some dress sandals, a decent wedge, some edgy block-heeled sandals or anything else to elevate your outfit, literally. As flattering as your fave summer dress may be, I can guarantee you it will be all the more flattering with some heels factored in. These are the perfect compromise from wanting to wear as little as possible on your feet while still being comfortable, yet fancy, at the same time.

Any way you slice it, sandals mean summer, so go out there and set your feet free!

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