To my big sister,

When I first joined our sorority, I was so unsure what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be, and how I even got into such a wonderful house. I had not found my people yet, but once big/little reveal happened, I knew there was no turning back. From the very start, you made me feel the most comfortable in the house. I knew that if I needed anything, you were just a text away. From the nights that I wanted to drop, you were right there for me. I know that I was a handful, but you handled me with such grace and such knowledge that I cannot thank you enough. You have been an amazing role model to look up to in the year and a half that I have known you.

I really do not know where I would be without your light in my life. I did not know what it meant to have a big sister until you showed up in my life. I cannot thank you all enough for being the best shoulders to cry on when I need space. My sorority experience would not have been the best had it not been for you. I have never known anyone to love McDonald's Coke as much as I do -- so thank you for all of our late night runs for fries and Coke. From our two-hour long Starbucks runs to our hammock hangouts and everything in between, you have never ceased to amaze me or make me laugh.

You honestly might be one of the strongest women I know. I cannot thank you enough for how much positivity you have radiated throughout my life in the last year alone. I honestly have no idea where I would be had I not met you. You have supported me in the craziest things, from needing a place to escape from the house to when I randomly wanted to go get my conch pierced. Whether I just need a rant, shoulder to cry on, a laugh or your support to do something crazy, I know that I can come to you no matter what. I cannot thank you enough for being one of the biggest influences in my life, but I can thank you for a few things.

Thank you for being the best nonbiological sister that a girl could have. Thank you for the best advice. Thank you for showing me that I can be anything I set my mind to. Thank you for our late night talks. Thank you for helping me to do anything that I set my mind to. Thank you for listening to me cry. Thank you for just allowing me to be myself and for accepting me for who I am. Thank you for accepting my mental illness and not trying to push it off. Thank you for helping me to mature more throughout my time here at Butler. Thank you for introducing me the best second family that a girl could have. Thank you for being my best friend. Most importantly, thank you for being you.

I love you lots, big!