Set Yourself Free And Never Hold Back Or Be Ashamed Of What You Are Passionate About

We all have that one thing we are really good at. It seems that either everyone knows about it, or it is left a secret only you know. But with that burning passion being trapped inside of you, it’s either going to go two ways.

1. You set it free

2. Lose it in yourself

Growing up we are constantly asked what we want to do when we actually do grow up. It seems like your opinion of it changes all the time. (I went from astronaut, to dermatologist, to Olympic skier, to writer. Talk about mind changes!) Even now in college there are still days where I feel like being a photographer over a writer, or vice versa. However, at the end of the day, there is always that one topic, activity, subject that stirs in the back of your mind.

When I was younger I absolutely hated writing with the burning passion. (Seriously, writing a book report was like the equivalent of getting your teeth pulled). I felt like every class was almost always assigning a new writing assignment, and I dreaded going back home and working on it with my mom. (Oh, she dreaded it too). The thought of even getting out a pen and paper made me want to vomit. However, before I went to bed each night I would lie in there awake for hours just thinking about stories that would pop up in my head.

Frankly though, without ever really noticing until when I was older, I was already basically a storyteller. I just never really actually told the stories that were going on in my head on paper. I started to write my stories in notebooks. Over time, since about when I was in middle school to now, I have filled up about eight notebooks with just stories (with dealing with school, a job, and having an actual life outside my head) I’d say that is pretty good. Ever since then I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

Around my junior year of high school, I guess you can say I was getting more vocal about who I am. I started to speak up more and gain confidence in myself. Though there was this one thing I really had a hard time telling people about, and that was me wanting to be a writer.

I was really scared of what people would think. I was afraid that I would get frowned upon because typically writers don’t have the highest paying jobs or are stereotyped as a hipster/nerd that sits in a coffee shop all day and writes (which I have done a few times, but I am really not the hipster type). All this passion and ideas I was bottling up inside of me. I wanted the whole world to know what I wanted to be, but I was scared of what they will think. Then one day on Facebook, I guess you can say I ‘came out’ by saying I was going to be a writer.

After that, my love for writing has only grown stronger since I have essentially ‘come out’ about what I am passionate about. Bottom line, my main message to you is to not hold back on what you are passionate about. We are so lucky to be alive in a day and age where you can literally do anything and make money. So, it doesn’t matter what you are passionate about, let the whole world know what you are made of. You will be shocked at how many doors will open after you do so.

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