I am enjoying my teenage years very much, but they are coming to an end very soon. To be completely honest, I still think of myself as being, like, 14 years old. In my head, I am just a 14-year-old Joy strolling around town going to college. 14-year-olds typically do not go to college for obvious reasons, they are 14, but yet in my mind here I am.

I don't mean this in a way that my maturity level is very low, I believe it's where it should be, but I mean this in such a way that I didn't think worrying about paying bills and student loan debt would come so quick. Sometimes I really think the days are going super slow and dragging on, but then I remember that I'm about to no longer be a teenager and will be off my parent's insurance before I know it.

Yes, there are so many things I want to do in my life that I'm coming closer to now more than ever, like graduating college and getting married, but this means the "I'm just a teenager" excuse will no longer be valid. I cannot blame my mistakes on my youth because I am now really an adult. I was an adult when I turned 18, obviously, but it's like I really, really am one now.

I am sure I'm being overly dramatic because I am literally only turning 20, a very insignificant age, but it feels like a big deal. I certainly don't look like I'm about to be 20, considering not even a whole year ago my boyfriend and I got IDed two times to see an R-rated movie, and I certainly don't feel like I'm about to be in my twenties. I just feel like there is a big storm comin' that I'm just not quite prepared for yet.