No I'm Not a Feminist

No I'm Not a Feminist

I have personally chosen not to be a feminist and here are my reasons why.

There are many things I am and there are many things I’m not. Being a feminist is something I am not. When I tell people I am not a feminist, I’m thought of to be crazy or sexist, which being sexist is a little crazy considering I’m a female myself. I speak for myself here and don’t necessarily expect anyone to understand, but it gets annoying after a while when asked “why?” 24/7. Here are ten reasons why I am NOT a feminist in the year 2017, in the United States of America.

First of all, I don’t find myself disadvantaged in an advanced, first world country. I would consider myself to have privilege just living here, being able to go to College, and being allowed to wear what I chose to wear.

Most feminists need justification when you tell them you’re not a feminist. If I am going to support a group, it would be one that values the opinions of both sides.

A large topic of feminist discussion is the put down of stay at home mothers. Both stay at home mothers and mothers that spend most of their day at work have equally just as hard of jobs. Stop putting down people for choosing their careers.

Non transgender males and females are created biologically different. Yes, females have breasts and they have always been a sex symbol. Odds are no, that’s never going to change.

I personally am not a victim. Like I said, I am not a feminist in the year 2017 as a citizen in the United States of America. I do not feel sorry for myself and do not want any pity. If we want to talk about worldwide feminism such as acid being thrown on females simply because they didn’t “obey”, then let’s go ahead and talk, I’ll fully support that.

To continue, the inequality of males and females is NOT as bad as it was a century ago. We still treat the judgment of women as if we had no speaking rights, no voting rights, and no rights to get the education we want. As woman, we should be able to sit back and enjoy the fact that we’ve come so far and so much has been accomplished.

I’m not a feminist because I decided I’m not “anti-male”. Not that women aren’t, but men are generally hard workers and deserve to be recognized too.

Some feminists constantly put males down in order to become a superior gender. Feminism should be about equality and lately it’s been seeming a lot more like a power struggle to come out on the top.

I’m not a feminist because “pop culture told me to become one”. I’m not going to simply follow the crowd if I’m not all about it. Just because everyone posts Facebook paragraphs justifying their reasoning doesn’t mean I’m going to follow and do the same thing. I’m able to think on my own and I’m able to have a side too.

Lastly, I’m going to raise my daughter to be a strong woman, but not superior. Nobody is better than one another, no gender, no race, and no socioeconomic status. I will teach my daughter that it’s okay for a boy to take her out on a date or hold the door for her.

Once again, I would like to state that what you’ve just read is my own personal opinion. When I say “feminists”, I do not want it assumed that I am speaking about every feminist.

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