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    There's nothing more I love than seeing somebody succeed, whether it be my family, friends, enemies, or myself. Everything simply happens for a reason, and I feel as though my reason for living is to make the best of life and wherever it takes me. I come from a small beach town at the Jersey Shore where a lot of my writing is inspired from. It's like a family at home, everyone knows everyones business, but in the end, the amount of love for each other is enough to wrap around the equator at least five times.

    I'm always interested in writing about what people want. I like being able to relate myself and my personal experiences with others. Please always feel free to reach out to me if you want to read something special or want to hear more about my life.

    Lastly, my life my seem beautiful behind a screen, but trust me when I say that I have experienced many difficulties and I may be able to relate to a lot more than you may think. Although life can sometimes seem like it's crumbling in the soil below your feet, just always know that what comes out from the soil comes beautiful growth. Thus, everything happens for a reason. And with each fall comes a lesson, and each lesson builds to the success of each beautiful living being.

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