It's almost that time of year, as Christmas festivities wind down, the New Year's resolutions arise. It's the time gym memberships skyrocket and the gym becomes unbearably crowded throughout the end of the month. Then the holiday hype dies down and most of us go back to our normal daily routines from the year before.

I'm not a huge believer in New Year's Resolutions, I personally always revert back to my old ways and feel like I let myself down year after year by not fulfilling my resolutions I set. Now don't get me wrong, I definitely have seen people flourish and kick old habits because of New Year's Resolutions, but not everyone is the same.

Throughout the years I found myself trying to take on too many goals at one time, so I quickly got overwhelmed and gave up relatively quickly. It's easy to sit down and think about 5 things we want to be different this upcoming year, but change doesn't happen overnight. Kicking a habit takes about 21 days, which seems much more attainable than creating a new habit, which takes, on average, 66 days.

A few years ago I stopped trying to force myself to make 5 resolutions for the New Year and focused on a habit I wanted to change or improve on, and steadily I worked towards my new goal every day. The thing about goals is that it doesn't matter when you start the change, if you want to attain something, as long as you put in the effort, you can achieve it.

Every year has the same 365 days and any one of those days is a great time to make a "New Years Resolution". If you're the type of person who gets overwhelmed by taking on too many things at one time, then maybe picking one resolution to pursue at the beginning of the year will help you slowly work towards your goals without wanting to give up before you barely get started. However, if you're a go-getter and it's easier for you to make New Year's resolutions and go full force after all of them, then stick to what works! Some people are lucky to have a very diligent and persistent personality, which works in their favor to balance normal life and a "New Year, New Me" attitude!

But, overall, whether you decide to make New Year's resolutions this year or not, remember that you are already perfectly and intentionally made! You're perfect the way you are! God gave you a life to live and enjoy, not one to make you stressed or feel helpless, so whatever makes you feel the most confident and the most valued is what you should strive to achieve! No one expects you to have everything figured out, so focus on what makes you happy and what you feel God is calling you to do this next year!