Loved ones are something that should never be taken for granted. When life gets tough, we depend on our loved ones for support. When life is amazing, loved ones are who we share those incredible feelings with. Without them, life would lack meaning. But with great love, comes a possibility for great loss and great pain.

When we lose a loved one the last thing you want to be forced to feel is remorse for leaving on a bad note and not expressing our appreciation for that person.

The closest people to us, are the ones we have the worst fights with.

Arguments are the most intense with our closest people because that is where the stakes are the highest. If we don't care about someone, we won't be bothered enough to put in the energy to argue with them in the first place. Arguments lead to heightened emotions and thinking or saying things that we don't mean. I urge you during a fight, no matter how badly you want to storm out of a room or go to sleep angry, to take a deep breath and remember the value that this person adds to your life. Think of the reasons why you do love them, and with those in mind sincerely remind the person how appreciative you are to have them in your life.

Accidents can occur at any moment. 

I beg you to never put yourself in a position of heartache leaving someone on the wrong note. I was recently reminded of how suddenly and unexpectedly life can change in a millisecond. It was an awakening and reminder that I think many of us need, that every interaction should be treated as if it could be the last one.

It doesn't matter how busy you are.

If you are flying out the door in the morning, already running late, but you realize you forgot to tell your mom goodbye before you left I encourage you to take the extra 60 seconds to walk back inside, give her a hug, and tell her you love her. If your sister lives across the country and you seldom take the time to give her a phone call, ask how she is, I encourage you to start making it a point to do so weekly. There is always time to love and there is always time to care when you make it a priority, and you may be very glad someday that you decided to do so.