Some Of You Don't Call Your Mom Everyday And It Really Shows

Some Of You Don't Call Your Mom Everyday And It Really Shows

My mom will always the person I call when I need someone to talk to.


Yes, I am 22-years-old and still call my mom almost every day.

I'll call her when I have something important to tell her or to say hi, and more often than not when I don't want to do my homework and need someone to talk to. She calls me in the mornings to wake me up for class because I asked her too and doesn't complain when I interrupt her work days with frantic phone calls about failing a test.

My mom is the person who I can't wait to tell when something good happens. Or when something bad happens. Or when I'm at a party and remember that I actually hate parties. (BTW, that's totally true- I once left a party to go sit in a friend's car and call my mom for almost an hour).

Maybe you think that's lame or weird, but I honestly don't know if I'd be where I am in my life without her phone calls.

I decided to go to college 2,000 miles away for the experience. To see if I could do it. But I never imagined the impact it would have on my sense of relationships and family.

Not being able to see my friends and family as often as the majority of other people has made me realize how important relationships are- and how much work goes into maintaining the ones that matter.

I actually have to try to talk to people. I have to put effort into the relationships that I want to keep because I can't just get dinner with them when I want to see them or say hi in the hall at school.

As I'm nearing the fateful day that is college graduation, I realize how important family is, no matter where we all are in the world. I miss being able to crawl into my mom's bed and talk about my day. I miss the sound of my brother listening to his music while he does homework in the room next to me. I miss the quiet dinners and not so quiet Netflix watching under tons of blankets while it snows.

So, yes, calling my mom almost every day helps bring a little bit of those missing pieces back together. Whether it's an hour-long conversation or a quick 10-minute wake-up call, each one is just as important.

So call your mom. Tell her you love her, tell her about your day, ask her about her's, make sure you cultivate the relationships that matter to you.

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If You Give A Girl A Brother

If you give a girl a brother, she'll always have a hand to hold.

If you give a girl a brother, she'll always have a friend

and, she'll probably rely on him over and over again.

Once she realizes that he's always there she'll hand him her trust,

and for a solid sibling-ship, this confidence is a must.

If you give a girl a brother, she'll always have someone to blame

when her blood is boiling and she's too mad to remember her own name.

She'll always have someone to run to when she's in need of a good laugh

and when she's at a loss for words, someone to speak on her behalf.

If you give a girl a brother, you can expect a lifetime of fights,

but to compensate, they'll stay up watching movies and bonding many late nights.

At times he'll be her worst enemy yet always her biggest alliance.

He'll make her happier than anyone on this planet, and there is no denying it.

If you give a girl a brother, she'll always have her half of a pair,

whether it's for when she wants to dance, drink coffee or play Modern Warfare.

She's always got someone to compete with, and someone to form a team.

A backbone, a driving force behind all of her amazing dreams.

If you give a girl a brother, you better watch your back,

because if her heart is ever broken, he'll be ready to attack.

She's always got protection, no matter the date or time.

He's like her Secret Service, her partner in crime.

If you give a girl a brother, she'll always have a reason to smile.

Someone to make every vacation, every road trip worthwhile.

She'll always have the biggest critique, to point out every flaw,

but someone to respect them and see her with star-struck awe.

If you give a girl a brother, she'll always have a hand to hold,

a shoulder to cry on, her very own stronghold,

and someone to support her in every endeavor.

If you give a girl a brother, she'll be the luckiest girl ever.

God blessed this girl with three amazing brothers who are everything mentioned above and more. I love all three of them more than anyone could ever imagine and I am so thankful for all the days they've been my personal assistants, my therapists, or my goofballs to laugh with.

I really cannot fathom anything greater than having a brother — or three.

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10 Terrifying Moments That Prove I Was Becoming My Mother

I guess we are more alike now that I am older.


Growing up I always thought I was different than my mom. Now that I am older, everyone says I look like my mom and now I am beginning to think I even act like her now as well. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, right?

1. I always go to the sales rack FIRST in a store.

Why get your hopes up on something full price when you can be excited about something for half the price.

2. I am passionate about mental health.

Because in the end, all you got is yourself! Prioritize and take care of yourself, it's good for you.

3. I LOVE animals

I care too much about them and if I could, I would adopt every animals I see and give it all the love in the world.

4. We are both overly helpful

I am always offering a place to stay for my friends who just need to get away for a bit.

5. The time I was driving and had to brake suddenly so I did the "mom arm"

You know, when your Mom throws her arm in front of you and acts like you don't have a seatbelt on.

6. I happen to know where my friends or boyfriend left their phone

Instead of "Mom, I can't find my phone" it is now "Raven, do you know where I put my phone?"

7. I walk around and turn the lights off and then complain about electricity.

"Why do we have these lights on, we are on the opposite side of the house?!"

8. Going to a nice restaurant and thinking I can make a better dish at home & cheaper

Thanks Mom

9. The moment I realized I have a bag full of bags full of bags

I can't seem to think of an answer to why I have so many bags.

10. When I had to turn the music down in the car so I could think in a busy parking lot

There was too much going on... I think?

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