My Boyfriend Is An Expert On All Things ‘Me’...Or Is He?
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My Boyfriend Is An Expert On All Things ‘Me’...Or Is He?

I asked my boyfriend 20 questions about me. Let's see how well he knows me!

My Boyfriend Is An Expert On All Things ‘Me’...Or Is He?
Photo by: Alexia Hill

As relationships come and go (or come and grow), you learn a lot about a person. Their childhood, their trauma, some of their best moments and their darkest. This person for me is my boyfriend, Tristan. We have been together for one year and eight months. Tristan and I met because I was part of Student Council in my high school and he was in dance, and we worked together to put on Mr. Apollo, a boys beauty pageant. We were friends for a few months before I knew we would end up falling hard for each other. I helped him through a breakup and he helped me get out of a relationship that was not beneficial for me. Considering the course of these many months together, I hope Tristan can get most of these right, but if not I wouldn't be surprised. We both have the memory of senior citizens.

1. What's my favorite food?

Tristan said, "Fettuccine, your mom's homemade to be specific"

This answer was pretty spot on, I really enjoy a couple of my mom's home-cooked meals and this has been a favorite since I was little.

2. What's one food I hate?

Tristan said, "Uh...PICKLES. You don't like a lot of things but I am blanking right now."

Baby, what? Wrong! I love pickles. However, there is a lot I don't like. I hate fish, peas, lobster, crab, cornbread, fatty meat, etc.

3. What's my favorite restaurant?

Tristan said, without hesitation, "Grand Dragon."

Right! This is a local Chinese food restaurant right by the neighborhood I grew up in. It's honestly the only Chinese food place I really go to and have enjoyed since I was little.

4. What's one cause I really care about?

Tristan said, "You're passionate about any feminist stuff."

This is pretty much as right as it gets. I am not passionate about any specific cause, but I do post a lot of content regarding empowering women, body positivity, etc. Good job sir this is not one I would've expected you to get.

5. Where was I born?

Tristan said, "Here, Arizona."

I mean...yes it's technically correct. I never told him the Hospital I was born at so I guess I'll let it slide.

6. Who is my absolute best friend?

Tristan said, "Me, obviously."

No, he's not kidding. And no, he's not wrong. I am a pretty reserved person, and he is the one person I am most comfortable with being myself.

7. What's my favorite thing about you?

Tristan said, "My compassion? I'm not sure."

Close, but no dice. My favorite thing about him is his smile, by far. For mental traits, I would say probably his patience with me.

8. What is my dream job?

"A journalist," Tristan said. " A local journalist or writing about local spots specifically."

Wrong! With this one, I was a bit disappointed that he got it wrong. I am, of course going to school to be a journalist, but in the long run, I hope to one day own a studio for art, writing, dance, photography and all things creative. I want to just have a free space for people to work on their artistic abilities, and run classes for different mediums on different nights of the week. I have mentioned doing this and I have mentioned doing it WITH HIM. How dare he get this one wrong?

9. What's my favorite color?

Tristan guessed, "Uh, blue."

I guess it's right. My favorite color is teal/turquoise colors...close enough, right?

10. What's one thing I'm really bad at?

Tristan stated, "Confrontation."

This is a pretty easy one. The poor guy orders for me across the driver's seat more times than not. I text him when I am right next to him if something is bothering me. It's definitely something I need to work on!

11. What's one thing I'm really good at?

Tristan said I am good at, "being compassionate and caring."

Whatever he says! I have a hard time perceiving myself when it comes to my strengths, so if he feels I am good at being caring, I believe him! This is kind of a free point for him.

12. What would you say is my greatest weakness?

Tristan said, "You get wrapped up in your own thoughts and insecurities too easily."

Very true, unfortunately. Although, he is very patient with me when it comes to this weakness. So, I appreciate you boo.

13. What would you say is my greatest strength?

Tristan said, "Definitely your determination and time management."

Although I feel like I procrastinate and take a long time sometimes doing my work, I do think this is right. Good job Tristy. I am always doing homework and definitely flex my grades/achievements a tiny he would know.

14. Who am I closest to in my family?

Tristan said, "Gertie, your granny."

Right again. I feel like I can talk to her about anything and come to her for help on anything, even though she doesn't understand my Tik-Toks.

15. How did I get my nickname?

Tristan was confused, asking, "What nickname? Lexie? People are just lazy and started calling you Lexie."

What?! Wrong. I have told him this before so I was hoping he would know the answer. When I was born, my grandma said my full name, 'Alexia' was too hard to pronounce for her so my mom said in frustration and exhaustion, "Just call her Lexie then!"

16. Who is my role model?

Tristan said, "Shoot I have no idea."

Obviously, wrong. However, I don't blame him. I don't consistently talk about anybody who is a role model to me, but a Youtube content creator I watch named Ashley, known as BestDressed is my biggest role model as of right now. She has worked with brands like Vogue and Gucci, and I definitely see a bit of myself in her. I love her videos and watching her gives me hope I can one day be passionate in my career as well.

17. What is my love language?

Tristan said, "Ummm, verbal affirmations and reassurance."

Although I'm pretty sure these are not considered exact love languages, I would say yes this is right. Anything regarding communication and reassurance, loving words to wake up to, it all makes me really happy. He has been great to me in this regard.

18. What is my biggest regret?

Tristan said my biggest regret is, "Your past situation with your prior friend group, and falling off with them."

Bingo. This is not something I would like to go into detail about, but I ponder on it frequently if I could have done anything differently to stay in touch with more people.

19. What is my greatest fear?

Tristan said, "Breaking up with me, duh. Or not being able to financially or emotionally support your children."

I guess? I'm going to say this is wrong. There are so many things running through my mind constantly that I don't even know my greatest fear. I would say these are more so his greatest fears than mine, but it is something I worry about. I worry if I will enjoy my job and be able to financially support myself, so with that comes supporting a family as well.

20. What is my biggest insecurity?

Finally, Tristan said, "Oh my god hmmm, probably your body image."

For the final question, he hit it right on the nail. I worry about my weight and how I look and how I am perceived constantly. Again, he has done a great job helping me through all my insecurities and I appreciate him for all of it.

Overall, Tristan got a solid 14/20, which equates to 70 percent. Honestly, I was surprised because I thought he would do better, but I'm still glad he got a majority of them right! Getting a C grade on this quiz with my own boyfriend of almost two years just goes to show how vital communication is to a relationship. By communication I mean not just talking to each other, but truly listening to each other and remembering the little things about one another. Tristan and I are pretty clear in our communication and what we want from each other, our past, and our future, and that is something I'm eternally grateful for. Now it's time to try this quiz on your significant other!

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