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Spirit’s Highest Intention

The root chakra, respectively known by its Sanskrit name, Muladhara, meaning root support, is the first chakra out of seven, an individual will need to open before embarking on a journey toward enlightenment or seeking alternative healing. It is located at the base of the spine near the coccygeal plexus. It is associated with the color red, due to their unanimous symbol of beginnings. The chakra itself portrays a four petaled lotus surrounding a square. The square represents the physical world and the four petals represent the four elements of the physical world: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. It is accompanied by a downward triangle, which represents the downward pull of the chakra. Generally, it serves as a support system for grounding an individual in the physical world before entering the spiritual realm.

Many people assume that the spiritual realm and the physical realm are separate. But in reality, they work in unison. Collectively, it unites the mind, body and soul. To separate the two worlds, would be to cut off a part of us. Thus, by opening our root chakra, we gain power to preserve all parts of ourselves.

The first step in opening the root chakra, just like any other, is through meditation. More specifically, for this chakra, it takes us to a place where memories can be relived. It allows us to recollect our life experiences thus far and it grants us the ability to rediscover ourselves without the influence of others. Individually, we need to determine what is wrong and what is right before we allow others the opportunity to challenge those notions or shame us for the way we think which can be detrimental toward one’s subconscious.

After one gains enough strength to embrace those roots, our instincts enhance. This allows us to have reasonable limitations in a world with an overload of options. Likewise, when we are not grounded, we tend to feel lost or vulnerable. A person can succumb to a dreamlike slumber and reside in a constant state of wander. It is important to understand that your body is a vehicle for your soul which attracts many fields of energy. What you put out there is what you will get back.

So, in order to properly prepare for the journey ahead, one must balance their root chakra, for it will be the foundation to which all the remaining chakras will rest upon. Awareness of yourself and how you interact with the physical world is essential for anyone who understands its greater function. It is important to comprehend that all things begin with you both positive and negative from mentally to physically. By learning to interact with life and all it throws at you, you learn how make friends with the world around you. Similarly, if you do not learn to interact with life and all it throws at you, you can surely make some enemies.

The root chakras main function is used for survival. It defends our right to be and to have based off of our personal needs. Once we have fully opened this chakra, we can maintain a constant state of peace and stability rather than reacting frantically when life gets hard. Surely there are other ways to achieve the same results, but for those who want to discover a deeper side of themselves, I suggest you learn the language of your body for it is a representation of your life.

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