The Top 5 Most Delusional Fanbases In College Football
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The Top 5 Most Delusional Fanbases In College Football

Honorable Mentions: Georgia, USC, Texas A&M, Miami


College football has some of the greatest fans in all of sports. But just like any other league, there are ones who are downright insufferable. It isn't the loud cheering or how they constantly bring up how they won the championship the prior season. That stuff is part of regular fandom. I'm talking about the people whose expectations are so insane it makes Kanye West sound like James Baldwin. I'm talking about the people who constantly think that their team will finally break through and be considered among the best even though they fail every single time. I'm talking about the people who only bring up the championship teams from the time period where spam was only known as a type of meat.

These are the types of fanbases which I consider to be the most delusional in college football.

1. The Texas Longhorns

Texas logo


Is Texas really back? Sure. Did they look good beating an uninspired Georgia team? You could say so. Did my take from earlier in the year not age well? We'll see. But what I do know for certain is that Texas' fans are still trying to push themselves into the elite team conversation. Yes, you had Vince Young 15 plus years ago, and that was great. But we need some level on consistency from this program in order to bring Texas back into the spotlight. Texas fans can't keep referring to the Vince Young or even Colt Mccoy as their evidence for legitimacy. One was lightning in a bottle, the other one doesn't even count.

2. The Michigan Wolverines

Michigan fans are insufferable in a lot of ways. They think that they give you a Harvard or Yale type education and when you hire a former NFL coach who rubbed a bunch of people the wrong way you're automatically a top 5 team. In reality, Michigan is more of an annoyance than a real contender and their fans don't get that. Every year since Jim Harbaugh became the head coach it's always been "this is the year" and every time they're wrong. I do feel somewhat bad for their fans because they torment themselves so much. The expectations for their program are just so unrealistic. Their football team hasn't been relevant in nearly 30 years. Now they lose all their recruits to the SEC school and the Ohio States of the world. My advice to Michigan fans? Look forward to basketball season.

3. THE Ohio State Buckeyes 


Speaking of Ohio State, they come in at number three on the list. Yes, they have proven to be a pretty legitimate team over the past couple of seasons and have even added a championship trophy to their athletic center. In other words, they don't really fit the criteria I set at the beginning of the article. But the way part of their fan base reacted towards the suspension of Urban Meyer over his abysmal handling of Zach Smith's domestic violence case was downright uneducated. The blamed ESPN for Meyers suspension because of the way he was portrayed in some of their work when in reality anyone with any lick of common sense could see that Meyer's suspension was warranted.

4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame logoGiphy

Notre Dame fans are just the worst. All they want to do is bring up the "good ole days" when they were dominating the country with fullback dives and leather helmets. But they always forget to mention that 8 of their 11 national championships came before Richard Nixon was president. Regardless, it doesn't stop them from shoving it down your throat. ND fans also love to hold themselves and their team in such a high class of human. It's almost as if they believe that since they're associated with Notre Dame that they are in some way superior to everyone else. It's insane. And to top it all off their football team actually kind of stinks. Sure they went undefeated but their toughest opponents were an average Michigan team and Syracuse. But they'll never actually join a conference to fix their crappy schedule issue.

5. The UCF Golden Knights

UCF logo


Number one and two can both be argued but in my eyes, the dialogue I've heard from UCF supporters is just shocking. Sure they are not the first team to "claim" a national championship but everyone who's done it in the past did it before there was an actual playoff system which is geared towards picking the four most worthy teams to compete for the actual championship. And if you couldn't figure it out beating a 3 loss Auburn team and winning 25 straight games in a fake conference doesn't earn you a championship. The last two seasons of listening to them crying and moaning for respect has been an unbearable nuisance. Hopefully losing to LSU will finally shove the sock in their fans mouths. But I've got a feeling this won't be the last we hear of UCF.

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