It seems that now, more than ever, people are bringing dogs into their lives. It has always been very typical for a family to get a dog to take care of together, but now younger adults are the ones adopting dogs. Of course, families still adopt dogs, but the average single young adult seems to be a popular dog advocate these days. People are preferring to live with dogs over people.

I am focusing on dogs for many reasons. It's not often you see people wanting to bring their hamsters around with them everywhere. Now, there is a solid group of people who may bring their cat around, but most of the time it's just a service cat, not a regular house cat. Dogs are definitely the most popular pet to see out and about. For this reason, establishments should become more dog-friendly. This could also cause a decrease in certain safety issues when it comes to bringing your dog with you out of the house.

I have definitely noticed more places becoming dog-friendly. My place of work is dog-friendly and I think it's so amazing. I think it's so amazing because if people want to go there and their dog is along, they can go! They don't need to avoid the place. I feel as if many places should keep this in mind. There may be a big group of people that are missing out on your establishment because they have a dog with them.

Yes, you could leave your dog at home, but who likes doing that? Absolutely no one! You know the look your dog gives you when you're about to leave them, it's sad. Sometimes you really don't have a choice because you're maybe going to church or work, but when you aren't going somewhere that has obvious reasons for not bringing a dog, you're gonna wanna bring your dog. To some people, it's like leaving a piece of your family behind.

I mentioned younger adults having dogs because they're the people wanting to bring their dogs around with them the most. That dog is basically their best friend. A lot of the time, there isn't going to be someone else at the house to watch the dog while they're out and about. Sometimes with families, there will be someone who maybe doesn't want to come along and stays with the dog, this just isn't the case with single young adults.

I totally understand why some places would not be dog-friendly. Grocery stores are probably not the best to bring a dog to because of the endless amounts of food. Restaurants that do not have outside seating cannot be dog-friendly for obvious reasons. If a restaurant does have outside seating, it should 100% be dog-friendly because it's outside! Now when it comes to clothing stores, I get it, they don't want dog hair on the clothes. I have been in pet-friendly clothing stores and I really can't say I've noticed any sort of problem. With that being said, why not make them all dog-friendly. Maybe not super high-end stores, but the average clothing store definitely!

Dogs are really apart of someone's family and people are always wanting to bring their dogs around as much as they can. Nobody wants to leave their dogs at home and especially not in a car. With more establishments becoming dog-friendly, more people, and dogs will be able to enjoy things together.