You have an aggressive dog, it might be only a matter of time before your dog bites someone if you do nothing to correct this bad behavior. This is never a good situation, because it really means that as a dog owner you have been negligent in your dog training duties. So, before your dog gets you and themselves into trouble, you need to start giving your dog the quality time and training they need to be friendlier around other dogs and people.

Consider the Breed

If you have little children, tiny dogs and pit bulls are generally not the kind of dog you should be having around your home in the first place. Children can corner and hurt little dogs which almost always guarantees that someone is going to get bitten. Furthermore, a pit bull can take the roughhousing of little children easier, but a pit bull can react with aggression that is over the top in response to horse play. Something more along the lines of a Labrador is good around kids—especially if you take the time to learn how to train dogs. These dogs are even used as guide dogs, because they are so incredibly easy to shape and mold how you want them to behave.

Conflicts of Interest

A pet dog will not generally be good at being a guard dog and friendly towards others at the same time. To ask a dog to switch back and forth between these two modes of behavior is in many ways a conflict of interest on the part of the owner. Unless you are extremely well versed in the subtleties of dog behavior, chances are you will not be able to get your dog to maintain this balance. The amount of constant training required to stay on top of this mixed bag of emotions and behavioral differences for your dog is going to take a lot of advanced training time on your part. If you are not an expert dog trainer, it is better to simply socialize your dog to be friendly towards other people and dogs. Think of it this way, the less conflicts of interest you train into your dog, the less behavioral problems you will have with your dog.

From Antisocial to Social

If you do not properly socialize your aggressive dog, especially to other dogs and people, then your dog can become antisocial the longer they are allowed to behave this way. The only way to counteract antisocial behavior is through socialization exercises and proper correction for bad behavior. Antisocial dogs need to be conditioned to accepting others entering their perceived territory. Otherwise, it is a dog’s natural inclination to protect their territory with barking, growling and eventually biting behavior. When that happens, you might need to consult an experienced injury lawyer to help you handle the legal ramifications of your dog biting another person or dog. To address dog on dog aggression, it is sometimes best to simply enroll your dog into a dog training class. This way, your dog will get socialization with other dogs in a controlled class situation where a professional trainer can help you to correct your dog’s antisocial behavior at its source. This professional will see behavioral clues and triggers you do not even notice are going on right under your nose.


If you are not an experienced dog trainer, it is rarely a good idea for you to try and troubleshoot the causes of your dog’s aggressive behavior on your own. Dogs are actually quite logical creatures, but the mistake most dog owners make is that they assume that their dog thinks things through like humans do. This is often a dangerous mistake that will lead dog owners to miss the important subtleties of their dog’s body language and behavioral patterns. This is why it is always best to work with a professional trainer to ensure you are addressing the real issues causing your dog’s unacceptable behavior.