Dear fellow humans,

Our world is run by money. People work to earn it and work to spend it. People fight, scream, cry and die over money. Doesn't that sound silly? But when you think about it, you've fought for your money. If you ever got ripped off on your paycheck or were not paid the right amount, you probably screamed and cried because you were upset. That's not all money does.

Money is love of no limits. People love money, sometimes more than living humans. Love in itself is a crazy thing. People will do "whatever" it may be in the name of loving money.

Money harms and destroys. It tears families, friendships, and relationships apart. It can harm people physically, mentally, and emotionally. On a larger scale, wars between countries have begun over monetary disputes. Why do people wish death upon others for money? What good does that do?

Money is greed. People want more and more. There is no end. In today's society and especially in the economy, being greedy with money is common. Every aspect of life revolves around it, resulting in selfishness and the dramatic occurrences we all become acclimated too.

We only wish for peace with one another in terms of money. But until then, every dollar, every cent, means someone out there will "die to have it."


a fellow human