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Mondays don't always suck, but your attitude Probably does

Oh please honey , get off your pity party wagon and let's set up your week for success instead!

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Nikki anderson

We've all been there.

You spilled your coffee, you're late for work, you got a parking ticket, you didn't finish your paper in time, you did worse on a test than you thought you did, you woke up late and are stuck in traffic.

I get it, theres a million reasons for your Monday to absolutely suck. But is it Mondays themselves or your overall attitude towards them?

Listen, I have had more than my fair share of bad days but too often one thing out of the 12 hours in my day would completely disrupt everything.

And I mean everything.

Which makes me question, is it really Mondays that suck or just this attitude surrounding Mondays that we have all adopted?

So here's my little experiment I did to find out:

For the month of May and June I made it a priority to find one good thing about my day. Whether it was the iced coffee I got or the nice text my friend sent me, or the dog I saw at lunch, I literally just focused on one thing a day that made it a little better.

Now this took some practice. Like, real practice.

The saddest part about this was realizing that, on days where I couldn't find a good thing about my day, I was the one getting in my own damn way.

I was actually putting myself in a sour mood and I wasn't even realizing.

So did my day really suck? Nope. Just my attitude.

Who decided that Mondays suck anyways? And why are we currently so stuck in this trend of reveling in our misfortune?

I'm no positive Polly; I was always more of the negative Nancy type, I'll admit, but i'm genuinely curious as to how we got here.

A lot of things suck, they really do, but I wanted nothing more this summer than to get out of this perpetually negative rut and for me that started with my Mondays.

Now like a typical Pinterest stay-at-home mom, I make daily To-do lists, I write down weekly goals in my planner, sometimes I have to leave sticky notes around my room. I will actually do whatever it takes to have good days.

Not for nothing, my Mondays have been the best day of the week so far.

I wake up a tad earlier and have coffee while I watch my Netflix series, exercise, shower, and eat an actual breakfast. I prepare myself at the ground level. I take care of myself.

So here's a goal for you.

On Sunday review why you had a good week and what you did over the weekend. When you wake up on Monday morning dreading work, make yourself your favorite quick breakfast and maybe sweat out some of that pent up Monday anger if you can.

Midday, remind yourself of the cool shit you'll get to do over the weekend that wouldn't be possible without your job. After work, pick one good thing about your job (mine is always the people I work with). That's it.

When we set ourselves up for success instead of failure we're more readily available to accept the good in our life. Stay strong friends, go and kick your Mondays in the butt!

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