16 Things You Should Always Listen To Your Mom About

16 Things You Should Always Listen To Your Mom About Because She's Always Right

Mother knows best.


It's something we don't always like to admit, but it's a universal truth that mothers are always right. No matter how fired up we are in the moment or passionate about something, in the end, whatever mom said, is what is best. It's better for us to just admit it now than crash and burn.

Here are just a few things that we should always listen to our moms about, because let's be honest, she knows what's up.

1. "No you shouldn't wear that dress, it isn't flattering."

Not as excited

No matter how cute it may look on the rack, sometimes a dress just doesn't flatter your body type. It's why I take my mom dress shopping with me. Her honesty keeps me from looking awkward and frumpy in something. Yet, I still argue back when I try on a dress I really like, and she says no. It takes a little while, but eventually, I see it from her eyes and agree, that no. I cannot pull off a skin-tight short dress and yes, A-Line dresses are better.

2. "No, you cannot dye your hair pink."

Thank me later

I may have made a fit when I was in middle school about this, but boy am I thankful she stopped me from getting pink dip-dyed hair. One less thing on my already-awkward middle-school photos.

3. "Those jeans are not cute and too overpriced."

Not gonna happen.

Looking back on it now, I agree, Miss Me Jeans were too expensive for a 13-year-old and actually pretty ugly. Why were they popular again? Do you know how many cups of coffee I could get for one pair of Miss Me Jeans? You could use that cash for gas, 1/4 of a textbook, a year of Netflix, three pairs of American Eagle Jeans, and all sorts of things at Target.

4. "That boy is no good."


Mom's are the best judge of character when it comes to boys. If your mom doesn't like your boyfriend, then sorry but you need to break up with him. Save yourself the heartache in advance.

5. "That friend seems like trouble."

Don't like her

I swear they have a sixth sense when it comes to the people in your life. Mom's just know when a friend isn't really a friend and will make it known. Don't chide her for being "judgmental" and listen to her. 99.9% of the time she is right.

6. "That boy is so cute and nice. You should date him."

Cute guy

They see the things we fail to see. Save the time and listen to her, even if you have doubts. She won't steer you wrong.

7. "Wear sunscreen."

Okay, Mom

It sounds like a mantra that we make it our priority to drone out, but in hindsight, it will save you from burnt skin and skin cancer. Just do it.

8. "Call me if you are drunk and need a ride. Whatever you do, do not drive."

Mother's would rather have you safe with her than dead in a car. Never risk drinking and driving and hurting yourself and others. Just call your mom to pick you up. She may be a little angry about the drinking, but overall, glad you are home with her.

9. "Never take a drink from anyone or set your drink down."


Never take the chance. There are bad people out there, set out to do bad things. Having precautions will help prevent being drugged at a party. Again, it's better to be safe.

10. "Nothing good ever happens past midnight."

You aren't going to miss anything by going home at Midnight and judging by the news, almost every bad thing happens at night. Plus, how much fun can it be if you have to do it at one in the morning? Get some sleep and do it the next day.

11. "All that eyeliner is not a good idea."

Looking back on my middle school photos I admit she was right. You hear that mom? You. Were. Right. I regret that look so much.

12. "Ignore the ones who try to bring you down and put your focus on your true friends."

Ditch the ones who put you down and are rude and focus on your best friends. They are the ones that stand the test of time and will always have your back.

13. "Take your jacket; you're going to get cold."

You're Right

Suck up your pride and grab a jacket because it is cold and you will regret not listening to her.

14. "A belly-button piercing is not a good idea."

About 75% of my friends who got one either got it infected or removed it shortly after getting it. Mom was right, they aren't worth it.

15. "You don't need to grow up so fast. Enjoy it while it lasts."

Yeah, she was right. Is it too late to go back in time when I didn't have to pay bills yet?

16. "You may hate me now, but you will thank me when you're older."

She was right. As always. We may have fought and battled each other when I was younger, but now I am grateful to have her as a mom.

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10 Reasons Why My Mom Is My Hero

She's also my best friend.

My mom is pretty darn special. And I'd be kidding myself to say that I tell her enough how much I appreciate her. There aren't enough breaths in the day to thank her for all that she has done for me, and all that she will do for me. So this is for my momma, these are just a few of the reasons why I think she's pretty great.

1. I can talk to her about anything.

I know for a fact that no matter the issue and no matter the story, my mom will listen to the entire thing with nothing but compassion in her heart. I don't ever need to wonder if she will judge me because I know for a fact that she never will.

2. She gives the best hugs.

I don't care if I saw her yesterday or if I've been away for three months, my mom will always hug me like she hasn't seen me in years, and there isn't a better feeling in the world.

3. I have never met a more selfless person.

She has such a heart for others and I am constantly blown away by her devotion and passion for serving those around her. If I (or anyone else) needs anything, my mom is the first one to jump up, drop everything, and run to help. If I have half as much generosity as my mom someday, I know that I would be making a huge difference.

4. I am inspired by her.


5. She cares so much for me.

I know that no matter how old I grow to be, and how mature I may become, my mom will always be there for me. She will always be waiting with open arms to either congratulate me or console me. I have never felt more loved by any other human than I do by my mom.

6. She loves me unconditionally.

I will never ever need to worry that she will stop loving me. No matter the circumstances, no matter the phase of life that I'm in, my mom will always be there for me, loving me every step of the way.

7. She is my No. 1 cheerleader.

I don't think I will ever meet another person more dedicated to my success and ready to celebrate my accomplishments than my mom. She is hands-down my biggest supporter and will always be standing at the finish line of whatever race I may be running. I could be crawling across that finish line and she'd still be cheering for me the whole way.

8. I can always count on her to point me in the right direction.

My mom will pray for me. She'll encourage me. She will lead by example and through the counseling that she is always ready to provide. I know that I can always count on her to push me in the direction of my dreams.

9. She has the best laugh.

I could pick my mom's laugh out of a crowd of hundreds. Her ability to laugh at herself (and at her own cheesy jokes) are part of what makes her so amazing. But the sound of my mom's laugh has the capability to make anyone's day, including mine.

10. I never stop learning from her.

See points 1-9.

Mom, you are such an amazing woman, and there is simply no way that I could put it into words. So I'll simply say thank you. Thank you for all that you do for me, day in and day out. Thank you for loving me, and showing me what it means to live like Jesus and everything else that you do. I

hope that one day my daughter might love me as much as I love you.



Cover Image Credit: Ashley Burton

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To The One Human Who Is Right About Everything In The World, Thank You

Mother knows best.


In our lives, mothers play a role which can't be put into words. Her place in our hearts and everywhere is special and different. As children, our relationship with her is unique as we love her endlessly but our love can't be compared with hers, which goes to extremes and is unconditional.

Today, I am living my dream and following my passion, all because of the sacrifices my mother made for me. She is the one who taught me the meaning of discipline, hard work, and respect. I have never come across any individual in my entire life who is as hardworking as she is. When I was in school, she was the one who used to stay awake with me during my exams so that I could study and not fall asleep. She was so concerned that even though at times she was tired, she could actually not fall asleep until I was done with the studies.

She is the best person to vent to and offers me the best advice along with the personal anecdotes which are both funny and calming. She taught me from being an empathetic human to learning how to be bold and ask for what you deserve. When I hear her childhood experiences, I feel proud that she has always been this hardworking and a competent individual who was not only the best at the studies but also managed her childhood so well even without a mother. Today she is a working mother who is a multitasker and does everything with perfection.

I came to New York last year for my higher studies and my life completely changed, except for one thing: it's my mother who wakes me up in the morning. We are miles apart but a call from her every morning is a part of my daily routine.

It's true that we can never count our mother's activities. Every mother works 24/7 for her family and children which is like a career in itself. Without my mother, I wouldn't be the person I am today. She's always been there, since the day I was born and has worked unimaginably hard in order for me to have the best life.

I am proud of her and I am grateful to have her in my life. Here's wishing all the mothers a very happy Mother's Day.

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