A Message About Positivity

If you're familiar with self-love and patience, you're already familiar with the message of positivity. I'm more than sure everyone can agree that attaining positivity and remaining in that state of happiness or content is easier said than done, however it's not impossible. I've been in a rut lately in regard to how I feel internally. I've found that even though it's extremely easy to be pessimistic about everything and anything, it's also negatively draining. In addition to that, it gets you nowhere. The goal is to receive and baste within good things, not things that ultimately drag you farther into an abyss. For everyone that is going through an internal or external struggle, this is for you.

It's immensely important to remember that everything may not seem superficial, but it is. When we're gone we'll be remembered for what we did, who we were. That doesn't mean you can't do greater things for yourself, and that definitely does not mean you can't want things; but in the moment it should be about what you need.

Never mind how cliche it may sound, positivity is drawn from within. Sure, outside forces do have an effect on the overall outcome, but it's you that decides whether or not those outside forces should have any power over how you feel at all. This is the part that's the hardest to evaluate when considering things that make one unhappy, because those outside forces aren't always optional.
ome people simply cannot relieve themselves from negative people or environments. That shouldn't result in excessive failure. Overcoming and outgrowing things take time and a lot of patience. Keep in mind that growing internally is not always about who you are, maybe it's who you strive to be.

Above all, positivity may not always correlate with bad things. Brightening your day doesn't have to result in letting go of the people or places you're familiar with. A course of changes can have a better effect. Let people that are poisonous to your social circle go, talk about problems that create the elephant in the room that won't leave, get involved in different things, meet new people, go to different places, change how you do things, take a different route, create your own fate.

Nonetheless, if what I stated above is not attainable to you, no worries. Like I mentioned before, things take time. Slowly transition into these things, make the changes happen little by little. Healing, happiness, and positivity is by no means linear, it comes in layers. Accept that and you've already completely one of the biggest steps to securing future positivity within yourself.

Lastly and most importantly, although I did mention that positivity occurs inside, a negative outcome of things is not always a variable of what you do. In short, don't blame yourself when things don't go right or you simply cannot see yourself being positive. You will have very bad days, you'll have days where you're simply "fine", but it will result in days where you're genuninely happy. Good things are manifested through days, weeks, months, and years of self-love and work. Again cliche as it may be, nothing will come easily or blatantly; believe that you're worth creating that positivity as an ultimatum in your life.

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