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6 Memorable Gifts To Give Her On Your 6-Month Anniversary

Give her a gift she's sure to treasure forever.

6 Memorable Gifts To Give Her On Your 6-Month Anniversary

Six months of being in a relationship with someone might not seem like a big deal, but it's definitely something that deserves to be recognized as such.

After all, you've been together with someone for almost a year, and that's definitely a very special milestone in every couple's journey.

So, why not give her a gift that she's sure to treasure forever? Don't worry, it doesn't have to be expensive!

Lucky for you, this article contains 6 inexpensive but memorable gift ideas that you can consider giving her to celebrate your 6-month anniversary as a couple.

Trust me, I'm sure she won't be disappointed with any of them!

1. A physical collage of pictures of the two of you together.


And don't just go with a basic square-shaped collage! Instead, why not form the pictures into a heart to represent your feelings for her?

If that seems a little too risky, you might want to consider basing the design on one of her favorite hobbies, animals, movie characters, etc.

The possibilities are definitely endless with this one!

2. A YouTube video showing cute memories the two of you have had together since you started dating.


Don't forget to use some of her favorite songs as the background music!

You might even want to consider using music that corresponds with the theme of the pictures or video clips you decide to include in the video.

3. A "Netflix and Chill" gift basket.


Not only is this gift idea comical, but it would also give the two of you several reasons to spend more time relaxing as a couple.

Simply add some of her (and your) favorite snacks and candies to a basket, and let her know what the point of everything is once she opens it.

To make the basket even more fun for the two of you, you could even include a cup with slips of paper inside.

Half of the slips of paper in the cup would contain the names of a movie or television series on Netflix that she likes, and the other half of the slips of paper in the cup would contain the names of a movie or television series on Netflix that you like.

This way, you can each take turns drawing a slip of paper out of the cup any time you feel like watching Netflix together but can't seem to come to an agreement on what to watch.

4. A "Period Preparedness" gift basket.


Yup, you read that right!

This basket is a good idea to go with if you don't want to come on too strong with a gift, but still want to show her that you care about her health and well-being.

Basically, it will contain everything she needs to survive her next period.

But how will you know what to include in it?

Do some undercover spying, of course!

Okay, maybe not. But on the bright side, you probably already have a few ideas as to what kinds of supplies she uses when she's on her period (including comfy clothes, medicines, tasty treats, etc.).

If not, a basket full of her favorite candies or snacks to munch on during her period is definitely another option.

5. A day spent her way.


This is another great idea to consider if you don't want to come on too strong with your gift.

Simply tell her that you want to celebrate your 6-month anniversary by doing whatever she wants, and you might be surprised with just how excited she is to spend the entire day with you her way.

If you think she would prefer to be happily surprised, however, it might also be a good idea to have an agenda for the day already planned.

You could even base it on her favorite places to go, or fun activities to do with you.

So, for instance, you could start off her morning by making her one of her favorite breakfasts.

After that, why not take her to her favorite amusement park for the afternoon?

And for the evening, take her to the same restaurant you two went on for your very first date!

How romantic and memorable would that be?

6. "A Few of Her Favorite Things" gift basket.


If your goal is to show her that you know her more than anyone else she's ever been with, then this basket is sure to do the trick!

Basically, it will contain as many of her favorite things that you can think of based on what you've learned about her these past 6 months.

Some examples of items you might consider including in this gift basket are:

-A stuffed animal of her favorite kind of animal

-Her favorite candy

-Her favorite snacks

-A gift card to her favorite restaurant

And, of course:

-Her favorite clothing item of yours that she tends to steal for herself anyways.

Happy anniversary!

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