Meet My Cat: Cheshire, The Stray Turned House Cat Who Lives in Michigan
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Meet My Cat: Cheshire, The Stray Turned House Cat Who Lives in Michigan

I never considered myself a cat person, but Chess immediately stole my heart.

Meet My Cat: Cheshire, The Stray Turned House Cat Who Lives in Michigan
Madelyn Darbonne

In 2016, a stray cat gave birth to a litter of three grey kittens on my aunt and uncle's property. I had never considered myself to be much of a cat person, but these furballs immediately stole my heart. I got to watch them grow up until they were old enough to leave their mother's side.

Of the three siblings, two of them were rambunctious with fluffy coats. Although they were eager to run and play with me when I visited, I was always focused on the runt of the litter, the shiest kitten of the group who hid under the porch. She had short fur that made her stand apart from the rest of her litter.

I knew that she was meant to be mine. And soon enough, she became well-acquainted with her new lifestyle as a house cat and her feisty personality began to shine through. Now, we are practically inseparable and she has made me the happiest cat mom around.

Here's everything you need to know about my furry friend.

About Chess:

  • Age: 4 years
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Where they were born: Richmond, MI
  • Favorite food: Canned tuna
  • Current location: Macomb, MI
  • Nicknames: Chess, Chessy, Chessypoo, "No Chess", "Move Chess", "Stop Chess"
  • Best friend: Madelyn, just about the only human she can tolerate
  • Favorite toy: Milk jug rings

Random Facts About Chess:

1. She was named after the Cheshire Cat but rarely get called by her full name.

2. She is extremely finicky and refuses to eat treats and most human foods.

3. She spends most of the day birdwatching through different windows in the house.

4. Don't let her cute face fool you, she is as sassy as they come.

5. She is quite talkative, she knows her name and will "meow" back at you when you call her or ask her a question.

Places She Loves To Go With Her Human:

1. Absolutely nowhere. Chess is not a fan of the car and will start screaming the second I try to put her in the carrier. She would much rather stay at home where she is comfortable.

The Best Pictures Of Chess Ever Taken:

Madelyn Darbonne

Madelyn Darbonne

Madelyn Darbonne

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