Meet My Cats: Neville & Link, Who Live In Columbus, Ohio
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Meet My Cats: Neville & Link, Who Live In Columbus, Ohio

Neville is a 2-year-old tuxedo cat who loves kisses and always has a lot to say! Link is an 8-week-old dumpster cat who is still trying to figure out how to cat. They are soft boys who have become fast friends.

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Meet My Cats: Neville & Link, Who Live In Columbus, Ohio
Christina Terry

About Neville and Link:

  • Age: Neville is 2; Link is almost 8 weeks
  • Weight: Neville is a robust 11lbs; Link is 1 pound!
  • Where they were born: I think Neville was born in Kentucky. Link was born in a dumpster somewhere in Dayton.
  • Favorite food: Neville loves any cat food. Link enjoys eating feet
  • Current location: Columbus, Ohio
  • Nicknames: Neville: Nev, Neeb, Neeble, 5'8" Little Mousey Boy, and Cruella Ne Ville
        • Link: Lint, Lint Trap, and Lil Baby Man
  • Best friend: Neville LOVES me. He cries until I kiss him. Link's bff is my boyfriend, Chris.
  • Favorite toy: Neville loves crinkle toys; Link loves anything he can chew, especially hands.

5 Random Facts About Neville and Link:

1. Neville is full of anxiety. He has really bad separation anxiety and will wait and cry outside any room I am in.

2. Link's favorite place to be is on anyone's shoulder, like a fluffy parrot.

3. I adopted Neville from a cat cafe called Gem City Catfe.

4. Link hasn't figured out to meow yet, so it just sounds like raspy squeaks.

5. As mentioned, Neville lives for hugs and kisses. He will ram his face into you so he can get a kiss.

3 Places They Love To Go With Their Human:

1. Neville loves sunbathing with me on the patio.

2. Link will go anywhere with you, he's just glad to be invited

3. I've tried taking Neville on walks in a cat stroller, but he was NOT a fan.

The Best Pictures Of Neville and Link Ever Taken:

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