"Mamma Mia." It's a classic and my mom and I love it. So when one of her coworkers gave us tickets to see it at the Walnut Street Theater we knew we had to go. My mom was kind of hesitant since the show was 8 pm on a Tuesday night and she had to be at work at 8 am the next day. We went anyway.

We decided we were going to take the train into Philly since I didn't really know where the theater was and no one likes to drive into a city during rush hour. The train ride going into the city was a piece of cake and we were chatting the whole way. The train ride from our house to Center City is really only about 20 minutes and it goes by pretty quickly. The real story starts once we step off the train.

Since neither my mom or I are used to this particular train station we got a little crossed up and confused about which side of the train station to exit from. Thankfully a SEPTA employee was standing right there so we asked him which side to exit from so our walk to the theater would be easier. Just as he's giving us directions an older woman in a bright yellow raincoat says that she's going in that direction too and will walk with us. Which I kind of thought was weird considering my mom and I are grown adults that just need to be pointed in the right direction, but she was extremely nice and we appreciated her gesture. Once the woman turns off the street we were on, the clouds just opened up. Torrential rain. Thank God we had umbrellas or we would've been soaked and miserable. Our shoes were completely soaked so we quickly scurried under a hotel's awning to catch a break from the rain. Finally, the rain slowed down and we quickly hurried the next three blocks to make it to the theater before the rain got worse.

The theater was beautiful. If you haven't been there before I highly recommend it. It's small and intimate so every seat is a good seat. I can't even describe how great the show was. I was completely mind blown. Everything from the set to the dancing to the music was absolutely fantastic. My mom and I were jamming out to all the songs and it was honestly one of the best shows I've ever seen. However, this article isn't really about the show. It's about what happened afterwards.

The show ends around 10:30pm which was great for us, so we could catch the 11:02pm train home. My mom and I rushed down the deserted streets of downtown Philly to get to the train station where the first thing we see once we get there is EMTs and an ambulance. I looked over at my mom who looked a little worried. We later heard the EMTs cheering so we assume maybe it was a drug-related problem and they resuscitated him or her. I'm glad they're okay. Anyway, so we get to the station and our train is late. 15 minutes late. We were cool with that because we got it, things happen. We decided to just wait because things could change and our train could show up at it's regular time. Then it's 20 minutes late. Then 30 minutes late. Then 45 minutes late. THEN 68 MINUTES LATE. My mom and I were kind of freaking out at that point because the next train (which was supposed to come at 11:58 pm) was 15 minutes late and that was the last train of the night. Law and Order SVU already makes me super paranoid as it is, let alone being in a deserted train station in the middle of the night. I was full on panicking.

My mom (God bless her soul) finds out that we got take another train and get off in the same general area as our original train station. There was only one issue. My car was parked at the station we got on at and now we were getting off at a completely different train station and had no way to get home from there. Then we are brainstorming and come up with Uber. We'll just get off this train and Uber to my car at the other train station so we could drive home. At this point its close to midnight and we just get on this train. My mom is feeling sick, I'm panicking, we aren't really sure where we're going, it's the middle of the night, and we just want to go home. Since I don't want to risk getting a sketchy Uber in a not so great area in the middle of the night, I'm texting everyone I know asking if they're up. Thank the heavens that my friend Liam was awake. Shoutout to you Liam because you saved our asses. Liam and I chat on the phone for a minute he says he'll pick my mom and I up from this train station and take us to my car at the other train station.

Liam is there within a few minutes of us getting off the train and my mom and I couldn't thank him enough. We were just so tired and done with this night and the stress and just wanted to go home. He drives us to my car, which thankfully was still there, and I thought my mom was going to cry tears of joy when we finally got home.

All in all, was it a fantastic show? Absolutely. Was it stressful getting home? Very. Would we do it all again? Probably.