"If someone wants you, they will make it happen. I know you know this because you'd do anything for the people you love, have feelings for, and those you care about.They don't have to ask you for effort constantly, you just care because it's second nature. 'I've seen bad communicators, communicate well. I've seen bad texters respond quickly & write paragraphs. I've seen people who aren't ready to be in a relationship, get ready in two conversations. If someone wants you, you won't have to ask for effort.'" - Mik Zazon, @mikzazon via Instagram

Being there for our loved ones is easy. We care about them so deeply, that showing affection, time, and effort comes naturally. You don't have to think about when you'll fit them into your schedule or if you're giving them enough love. You just do it. Naturally, because you want to show them the affection you feel for them. And, I'm sure your loved ones don't have to ask for it, either. Both of your emotions are equal, giving one another time and effort like second nature.

I'm sure you can think of one relationship you have (a friend, family member, or significant other) that may not have been giving you that effort that you've been giving them. You make the time for them. You check in on them. You let them know how much you care, in the biggest and smallest ways. But, they aren't reciprocating that energy. Yes, they may feel the same way as you, but they don't show it. You have to ask for their time and effort. You have to beg them for their love.

Don't you see what's wrong here? You shouldn't have to ask for someone's affection. You shouldn't have to ask for someone's time. You shouldn't have to ask for anything from your loved ones.

If someone cares about you, they'll show it.

If someone wants you, you won't have to ask for effort.

If someone wants you, they'll make it happen.

Your love, time, and energy is valuable. You care so deeply for these people, you naturally show the effort and affection. Don't you think you deserve that in return? If someone isn't showing you that, then it's their loss. Don't ever feel like you're in the wrong for feeling the way you do, either. It's not you.

The moment that you realize that you shouldn't have to ask for someone's time and effort is the moment you'll truly be happy. Let go of those that aren't giving you the time, effort, or energy you deserve. Because if someone truly wants you, they'll make the time. You won't have to ask for effort.