Why I Love Going To College In Boston

Why I Love Going To College In Boston

From BoCo to BoCoCoCo, Boston has it all

PC: Fiona Luddy

It was warmer than usual. The frigid late fall air subsided into a surprisingly springlike breeze that swayed pedestrians into traffic, weaving through spots in cars and crossing at any given moment. The construction noises disrupted the vibrant red leaves, but soon all sounds faded into the rumble of a city oasis.

Parents hold the hands of their small children, walking them through a fall morning with red fleece jackets and plaid vests, their small noses dripping in the crisp air. The kids marvel at the magic trees that are somehow taller than even their parents–the power of the weeping willows bending down as if to pick them up in their arms. Then all at once, the devious squirrels steal the young little boy’s attention and scurry away with it, like the acorns they hoard so greedily.

A friend and I decided to get coffee and walk around the Common the other day. We did this, not because it’s beautiful, but because both of us woke up at 5pm, daylight was fleeting, we hadn't been outside the entire day, and I needed a bagel. BUT also because it was just gorgeous. #CollegeStudentLife. The patchwork trees flash in every color of fire and gold, as the sun streams through as if the leaves themselves are lighting up. I love the Common in the fall. After only seeing cement, metal, and glass, the nature is a nice refrain from the industrial construction noises and hard surfaces. And don't even get me started on those dogs. Oh hell, the puppies, the old dogs, dogs that seem too small to exist, dogs that run like racehorses. I love them all, and getting to pet a few honestly made my day.

I think most college students are extremely dog deprived. As evidenced by the fact that my college has a therapy dog–long live King (Charles Cavalier) Rudy–so the Common is a blessing for all the paper-stressed and textbook-hauling freshmen and sophomores. I must admit, I feel slightly like a stalker when I walk through the Common, hunting for puppers, but it’s well worth it when I get to fluff up an adorable golden’s chubby face. ~Am I right ladies?~ In this time of giving thanks, I’d like to give thanks to my beautiful school, and beautiful city. I love all there is to do, and see, and (mostly importantly) eat. Boston has been good to me, and now I’m close to my precious little nephew, so I know I made the right choice. City schools can certainly have their downsides, my roommates and I were woken up this morning by ungodly loud construction, but the benefits are innumerable. The opportunities alone for making career connections and getting internships are obvious and vast, but the opportunities for finding people and things you love are even greater. I love my roommate, my floor mates, teachers, etc. I love that last night I went out with a group of friends expecting to go to a comedy club that one of them was performing in, and we ended up climbing into someone’s basement through the ground level door outside. And it was freaking hilarious-–I’m really happy we didn't all get murdered though.

If there’s one thing to say for the city-–and there are many–it’s that the sheer amount of possibilities makes all the downsides worth it.

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