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Two Souls Don’t Meet On Accident

Until the end

When you go on a first date with a new person you usually get those butterflies and flushed cheeks and you end up having the best time of your life. I had more, so much more, the butterflies turned into elephants, the red cheeks hurt from smiling. I had clicked faster with him than my seat belt could.

It never felt rushed, or a race against time; it felt smooth, like I was gliding down a mountain and the breeze is in my hair; the sun is warm and hugging me, but it’s him. He’s the sun, wind, and mountains.

I could listen to his words for years and never get tired of his voice, I could go blind and still remember every detail of his face; I could lose my hearing and still remember how he pronounced every word.

We could sit and do nothing but stare at eachother and my heart will still be so full of love and adoration for the man across from me.

To be so confident in how much someone loves you, yet also be so scared it might all go away is dangerous. I’ve spent awhile being jealous because of my own insecurities and from fear of losing a man so good to me I let it block us from moving forward, something I had to get over in order to let myself be loved properly.

Being in love with someone inflates your insecurities, arguments appear out of thin air, moods affect a good day but it’s normal to clash heads. He makes me feel normal for having emotions, I feel heard.

I’ve never had someone love and care for me the way he does, to protect my name when I’m not around, not having me look stupid.

He’s creative and thoughtful and does extensive research on things that sparks his interest; he is my very own google search. I’m always so proud when talks and is so passionate about the information he's giving.

We take small trips and when he drives I watch, watch him smile and get annoying and be a goofball all in thirty minutes. I watch him speed and pretend he’s in a drift video game. I watch his smile light up when he see’s a car he loves. I watch him live life and breathe, I’ve watched us go through the hardest thing we’ve both had to do.

He puts elephants in my stomach every day, he's the best man I’ve ever and will ever love, I’ve been able to see a real future with him, with kids, a house, us old on the porch.

I didn’t meet him on accident, I was supposed to meet him, after not being treated how I deserve, I was blessed with a man who takes the time to understand me, and live a life with me.

Without him, I wouldn’t be me, until the end of time I’ll be completely devoted to him.

I can’t wait to dance in our kitchen until 2 a.m making strawberry brownies because he hates chocolate, or staying up listening to stand up comedians or some weird youtube video. I can’t wait to greet him when he comes home to all the animals I’ll save, or falling asleep on the couch cause we tired ourselves out too much to go to the bedroom. I can’t wait until the end to spend forever in his arms.

182.5 days is only the start for us, the beginning to a life overflowing with genuine true love.

Until the end I’ll fight for him, for us, for our future.

Until the end I’ll hold his hand through hardships, distance, good times and just for love.

Until the end I’m yours.

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