Look Like A Beauty, Play Like A Beast
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Look Like A Beauty, Play Like A Beast

These 88 seams hold my life together.

Look Like A Beauty, Play Like A Beast

Softball isn't just a game, it's a lifestyle. The memories and the friendships you make throughout this sport is enough to last someone a lifetime. You learn hard work, dedication, compromise, endurance and leadership. I've played softball since I was six years old, and there is not a weekend of my life I wish I had back. My love for the game will never waver.

1. Wanna hangout on the weekends?

Well you better wait until summer is over because every weekend consists of softball tournaments. Consider yourself lucky if you catch me with a free weekend.

2. You have the best support system.

Not only do you have an entire team to back you up when you're struggling, but you have all of those family members that drive all over the country just to watch you play the game that you love. From jam sessions in the car to late night pep talks, my family has always been there for me no matter what.

3. When "my baby" refers to the new bat you just got.

If someone even thinks about hitting their metal spikes with it, they better say their last words now.

4. Ignore the farmer's tan.

Want to wear a bikini to the pool? A strapless dress for prom? You better be comfortable rockin' those tan lines. They are proof that you spend long hours working at the ballfields.

5. You have to buy a new pair of cleats every year.

Even though you hate breaking new ones in, there's nothing sharper looking than a clean pair of cleats. Enjoy them while they last because they'll be dirty after the first practice.

6. Your boyfriend better be okay with being second because softball always comes first!

Date at the softball field this weekend? 'Cause otherwise you won't see me until Monday. Sorry not sorry.

7. You have to work for someone that's willing to give you weekends off in the summer for tournaments.

Be prepared to work during the week, otherwise, you won't be making any money this summer.

8. You buy sunflower seeds in bulk.

You go through a bag every day at tournaments. Ranch, BBQ, Nacho, regular, it doesn't matter. You better watch out, though, because everyone will want to mooch off of you.

9. You spend more money on equipment than you do on textbooks for school.

Of course, textbooks are expensive, but the amount you spend on $300 bats, a nice glove (maybe more than one if you catch or play first), and tournament expenses by far passes up how much you spend on your textbooks.

10. You love diamonds.

Not just the shiny kind, but the freshly dragged and newly chalked ones. Don't even think about stepping on those lines before the game starts!

11. You have 15-20 extra sisters in your life.

Your team is your family. You spend enough time with them to make connections that many people don't get the chance to have with others. These are the people you will be close with for the rest of your life!

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