12 Truths Anyone In A Long-Term Relationship Can Relate To
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12 Truths Anyone In A Long-Term Relationship Can Relate To

Twelve things all LTR significant others know all too well.


Find someone that matches your awkwardness; that's what they always say, right? Whether you are married or have been dating for three months and see yourself in for the long haul, these are Long-term relationship (LTR) truths.

Here are 12 things all LTR significant others know all too well.

At some point, farting and burping in front of each of other becomes a norm

I'm not sure when the thought of body functions becoming limited in front of your significant other became a thing but it's null and void. It happens and when it does, you've officially entered the long-term realm.

What's yours is his and what's his is yours. Before you know it, you'll soon enough be sharing deodorant, T-shirts, spoons and towels

There's no "mine" in or "me" in the household anymore. For instance, we call it " Boyfriend/Fiance Tax" in our household, that no matter what, whatever you have can be shared with your S.O., no questions asked. Honestly, it sounds like a pain in the ass but I'd have it no other way.

Your future becomes their future

The hard truth is that you are living your life with this person. Your needs become their needs, your goals become their goals. At the end of the day, their successes and failures become your successes and failures, because the two of you want the same in life.

Stupid fights are inevitable!

Sometimes you fight and make up without even talking about it. Not because you're giving up but because you realize that the argument isn't even worth it. And then, there are days that you argue about someone preferring crackers over cornbread with their chili. Yes, stupid arguments like this exist.

You share expenses! There's no "my money" or "your money"

Money is a fluid thing between the two of you. You may not be married (at this point) but you share bills and responsibilities.

NO ONE. I mean NO ONE goes to bed and wakes up cuddling

I'm not sure what crazy TV fad insisted on creating this false idea that couples go to bed and wake up cuddling. It's not a thing, it will never be a thing.

You have your silly moments together!

Nerf gun wars, sock bundle fights and the quirky talks through movies. No one has the best time together like you do with your significant other.

You know each other inside and out

From where they left their keys two nights ago, to what outfit goes best with certain shoes. You are each others' person and nothing can change that.

There's no such thing as privacy

From toilet time talks to showering, some of the BEST conversations happen here. Not gonna lie, this is probably one of my favorite things about being in an LTR. BEST CONVERSATIONS HANDS DOWN!

Make up sex! Let's get down to the nitty gritty

You have a fight, you make up and it's earth-shattering. Not because you are some sex god (well if you hats off to you) but more so because you know the ins and outs of each-others' bodies.

You know what makes them...them

From the wrinkle in their forehead when they're puzzled, to the intensity in their voice when they are having a bad day; you know them better than anyone else in the world.

From eye conversations to inside jokes, it's a thing

The two of you have mastered eye conversations from across the room, and the millions of inside jokes conquer your relationship.

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