A Letter To The Long Distance Best Friend

A Letter To The Long Distance Best Friend

my life couldn't be done without you, even though you aren't here with me everyday.


One thing they never tell you about college is that one day you will wake up in the middle of it realizing that the people, the new friends you are surrounded by are those you have just met in your time being there. The ones you are so thankful for and can't imagine life without, but you still acknowledge the fact that at one point in time you did and that once upon a time you had other friends along the way. Those were the best friends that were there for the defining moments of your childhood, the ones who helped to shape you into the person you are today. And now you simply live in two other states, two different places in life seemingly walking on your own.

You don't see their faces anymore and I guess you get used to it. But that doesn't make them or you any less important. In some ways that friend will always know you better and differently than any of your other friends, because they were there for different moments of your life.

And they still are. You'll still text and occasionally call, and still catch up just maybe not on the daily. I'm sorry I don't call more. No matter what you'll always be my best friend. We might live different lives now but we are still there for each other no matter what. No one said these friendships were easy, they go through the test of time too.

If there's one thing that makes a long-distance best friend even more unique is that this friend gives the best advice. It's somehow about that person not being there make them have so much more insight than anyone else could. Not only that, but they will tell it to you honest. Thank you for that. Thank you for not ever judging me and for listening through every big milestone and every little heartache. For every little pothole and bump in the road that we go through, even if we don't hear about it from each other until a week later.

Thank you for being patient and for being kind, in the moments when we feel as though we have no one but in reality we always have each other. We've listened to each other cry over the phone, and we've listened to each other laugh. We will see each other make new friends (who of course we know all the names of even though we've never met them) and make mistakes, then realize one day that we weren't there to see it with our own two eyes but we always were on each other's side.

You do not go without recognition, and I do not forget about you ever. I am beyond thankful for you in so many ways I cannot count. On the good days, on the bad days, and in between. In fact I can say with certainty we will be at each other's weddings, even bridesmaids. All I can say is thank you. Thank you for putting up with my crazy, my sporadic phone calls, and for being one of the most supportive best friends to fight for me. I'll always do the same for you.


Your Long Distance Best Friend

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