10 Local Businesses To Help During The Coronavirus Crisis In Seneca County, Ohio
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10 Local Businesses To Help During The Coronavirus Crisis In Seneca County, Ohio

There's something about small-town restaurants that just hit differently.

Fatheads Restaurant Storefront

I'm currently still at college, sadly 4 hours away from my hometown in Seneca County, but I took the liberty to create a list of 10 local businesses that are still open that I wish I could support! Maybe you'll get some dinner inspiration?

1. Fort Ball Pizza Palace 

Not only is Fort Ball a wonderful option for buffets, it is currently a great option to get your pizza fixins! Additionally, they create interesting combinations such as their pickle pizza! You've gotta try it!

2. AJ's Heavenly Pizza

And they mean HEAVENLY! AJ's is always my first choice for pizza when I head home over breaks. Their sauce is the best I've ever had AND they are currently selling t-shirts, and part of the proceeds go to community members who have been affected by COVID-19.

3. Bailiwicks Coffee Company

In a town void of the blessing I have come to know as Starbucks, Bailiwicks is any coffee-lover's go-to! While you sadly cannot enjoy the beauty of the cafe right now, I'm sure that anything you get, hot or cold, will make your day that much better. And each of their drinks are so creative!

4. Put- N- Pita

Put-N-Pita, in my opinion, is one of Tiffin's biggest gems for small businesses! They're only open on Fridays during this pandemic, BUT that does not mean the owner does not want you to come. He's doing so much and I suggest that you check out Put-N-Pita's Facebook for a first-hand view at the mental tug-of-war these small business owners are having in regards to staying open during the pandemic.

5. Fatheads Family Restaurant

If you want to know what small-town life tastes like, look no further than Fatheads! This restaurant holds more memories for myself and others than I can even imagine. PS. If you're over 21, try their margaritas to-go, my mom can't get enough of them.

6. Smokey's Family Restaurant & Tap 

Smokey's is only open Thursday- Saturday so you better plan ahead! Smokey's can cater to your family with their family meals! And parents, we know you're stressed, so keep in mind that they carry all the alcohol your heart can desire... try that peanut butter whiskey milkshake for me, please.

7. Handshoe Cakes and Cookies

It might not be a restaurant perse, but Handshoe's can stomp all your sweet cravings (by giving you as much sugar as you can pay for). Check out their COVID-19 cookies or buy a cake for your family member having a birthday during the pandemic! Also, they are currently raising money for a new oven to speed up their donations to active duty military, so consider donating, even if you're not looking to buy any sweet treats.

8. Shake Shak

If you're looking for small-town ice cream, try out my favorite first: Shake Shak! They have food and ice cream that can truly feed a family an entire dinner (and did for my family, regularly). They are not accepting walk-ups, but have a drive-through!

9. Jolly's Drive-In

Jolly's has always been a staple in Tiffin, and I can't imagine it any other way. If you love rootbeer, Jolly's is the first place you should go! Maybe even consider trying a rootbeer float!

10. Xcaret Mexican Resturant

Finally, if you're looking for something different, try Xcaret. It's always one of the first places I ask to go when I come home because their Mexican food cannot be beaten in small-town Tiffin, OH.

I'm getting hungry finishing this up, so it looks like it's time to make myself a meal! I might be 4 hours away from this wonderful food, but if you're not, take advantage and support one of these local businesses today! (Or whenever they're open.)

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