Depression. Just the word means a loss in interest and pleasure in activities. This is an actual disorder and it severely affects peoples lives. Some people may not know what it feels like to live with depression and they may just not understand what it is that those living with this disorder go through. In the best way that I can explain, I hope will help others understand.

Some people may not know what they are experiencing is called depression. I personally did not know why I felt things so deeply and was affected by some things so deeply. I didn't know it was depression until I realized that it was getting bad, to the point where I didn't want to get out of bed at all. This disorder affects people in many ways; it can come in an instant and go away in an instant, it can affect day to day "normal" activities that people do everyday, it can come seasonally, and even last for months or years on end.

A simple task such as just walking to the dinning hall to get food was impossible. Day to day things get hard to do, you feel as though there is this black cloud over you following you with every move that you make. Some peers won't see and others may, and the fact that the disorder comes out whenever it wants to can be the worst. You can be surrounded by great people, having a good time and all of sudden the depression hits triggered by one word, or it is just triggered for no reason and it comes out of no where. The sensation that you feel as though you are not needed or wanted your worries that insecurities hit and you feel like 'why am I here,' at this party, with these people, or even alive.

As deep as that sounds, people go pretty deep. It is like a constant nagging, like someone telling you your'e not good enough. It is hard to go through and some people go through it alone. It is best to have people to talk to, good support systems and honestly sometimes it's left up to you to fight your own demons, to find out what is triggering it and what you can do to ix it. Others will need professional help or medicine as well as a counseling or therapy. If you feel as though you or someone you know living with depression please help them, talk to them, be there for them, urge them to get help.