Live Thoughts While Watching the Second Presidential Debate
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Live Thoughts While Watching the Second Presidential Debate

This debate was unlike anything America has ever seen.

Live Thoughts While Watching the Second Presidential Debate
The Atlantic

The presidential debates in this election season are entertaining, to say the least. While I normally either shout things at the TV, have thoughts racing through my head, or frequently update my Snapchat story during a debate, I decided to more officially document my thoughts and share them with the world:

  • Don’t shake Trump’s hand, don’t shake Trumps hand, don’t shake Trumps hand.
  • Not a fan of Hillary’s pantsuit tonight.
  • Thank God Donald Trump can’t interrupt Hillary in this town hall-style debate (update from later in debate: he still can interrupt her).
  • Did Trump forget the question?
  • Is Trump real?
  • “I didn’t say that.” “It’s just locker room talk.” I hate this man.
  • Bragging about sexual assault is okay because look at ISIS!
  • The only way to make America safe again is to get rid of Trump
  • Did Trump really just bring Monica Lewinsky into this?
  • Yeah, it’s Hillary that should be ashamed for Trump’s misogynistic comments.
  • Hillary Clinton ≠ the devil
  • “There has never been so much deception.” What about Watergate?
  • “It would be impossible to fact check Donald all the time.” Accurate.
  • I’d rather have a president who deleted emails than a president who attacks practically everyone that isn’t a white male.
  • “I’m a gentleman, Hillary.” I’m sorry, Trump, did you forget about your most recent viral video?
  • A woman in the White House is long overdue.
  • What’s the point of speech time restriction since both candidates talk beyond it every time?
  • Maybe Obama and Hillary don’t want to say the name “radical Islamic terrorists” because it leads to the stigmatization of an entire religion. The Ku Klux Klan are generally not labelled as Christians.
  • Keep calling Trump out for avoiding questions, Martha.
  • Donald Trump is a whiny toddler in an orange man’s body.
  • I definitely want a Commander in Chief who “knows nothing about Russia.”
  • “With her, it’s all talk.”
  • “Let me remind you what your running mate said.” “He and I haven’t spoken.” What a dynamic duo.
  • “How stupid is our country?” Apparently stupid enough to still be supporting you, Donald.
  • “Tell me what your strategy is.” PREACH IT, GIRL.
  • “She has tremendous hate in her heart.” Hypocrite.
  • If another four years of Obama is what I’m getting with Hillary then sign me up.
  • Close gun loopholes and close the gender gap, Hillz.
  • The candidates saying something nice about each other?
  • One. More. Month.
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