Life Skills Learned From Playing A Team Sport
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Life Skills Learned From Playing A Team Sport

Team sports teach you so many useful life lessons and skills. These skills can be applied to your everyday life to make you much more successful and here is how!

Life Skills Learned From Playing A Team Sport
Ely King

Growing up playing a team sport shapes you into the person you will become. You learn so many life skills and values that you don't even realize because they aren't sport specific. Learning to make a free throw consistently or getting your bunt down are great skills to have but here are some skills that these sports teach you that are even more valuable:


When you are playing a team sport you will constantly be looked at by other teammates to lead by example. The younger players look to you to set a good example. Sports allow you to practice and sharpen your leadership skills that can be then applied to the classroom, work, and life in general. Have a group project coming up? No big deal because you know how to lead a team to stay on track to success.

Accountability and Responsibility

In team sports you are held to a specific standard by both your coaches and peers. Responsibility and accountability are skills that go hand in hand in these situations. You are not only expected to give 110% in practice and games but also take matters in your own hands to ensure that you are doing everything you can, in practice and out, so you can be the best player you can be so you can help your team. These skills are great assets when working with others in a group setting because your partners know they can rely on you and trust you to do your part to the best of your ability.

Organization & Time management

Sports require you to be on top of your game both literally and physically. You learn how to make sure you are getting the right amount of food and nutrients, getting enough sleep, balancing practice with class and other extra curriculars. You have learned to make a schedule that plans every minute of your day out so you can eat, go to class, get homework done, get some extra reps in, study, and still not be late to practice. These time and organization skills have made you the master planner that everyone will appreciate and benefit from. Communication: Maybe you were the shy and quiet kid growing up, but after playing in a team sport you've learned how to interact and socialize with others. Communication is key to the success of any team; you can't make that sweet layup without letting your teammate know your open just as you can't have that diving catch in the outfield unless you communicate with the team that you have the ball. (If not you risk head on collision that not only hurts but is just plain embarrassing) Being able to practice communication skills in a team sport will not only help you kill that speech class but will make you feel more comfortable talking to your bosses, teachers, peers, etc. It allows you to constantly improve your social network without even putting much effort into it.


Respect in a team sport is not something that is just taught but must be earned. In order to get respect you must give it, it's a mutual thing. Treating your teammates kindly and being a good role model will teach you how to earn respect on your team; and the same situation can apply to your everyday life. It doesn't take skill or talent or intelligence to be courteous to your professors or coworkers. Trust me when I say something as simple as showing your professor enough respect to come to class every day on time will go a long way. They will then respect you as a student and that can sometimes help you if you need to miss a class once or even need a deadline extended because you have shown them that you care and are worthy to be respected as well.


This one is a no-brainer for sports. You can't win every time and there is always going to be someone better than you, and it's so important to be supportive of others because you need these people to be successful down the road. As for outside of sports, remember that girl you made fun of for being a nerd who got 100% on her Calculus exam while you are struggling to pass the class? Instead of making fun of her, congratulate her on her hard work and see if she would be willing to help you study for your next exam. Just how sportsmanship can help a team become better and win more games, you can learn to be a good person while also passing Calculus.

All in all, sports teach you many life lessons that we don't always see and take for granted. So now that you've read this, think about how you can apply these skills to your life

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