Life Hacks And Facts From A 20-Year-Old
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Life Hacks And Facts From A 20-Year-Old

Life Hacks And Facts From A 20-Year-Old
Kylie Elise Smith

I will be the first to admit that I don't know much about anything. Math? Grammar? The parts of a car? Our country's economy? Nope. I can't answer a single thing about any one of these topics, but hey, I'm good at other things. My second excuse is that I'm only 20...and a half. That's right, I have officially been the lucky 2-0 for six months now. With that being said, my still young mind is currently full of thoughts and ideas that are only cool to my peers and those younger than me. Everyone older has newer and cooler thoughts that my young adult self cannot even comprehend yet. So what lessons can a 20 year old bestow and regurgitate on you? Here are six super cool hacks and facts my brain is understanding as of today.

My parents aren't evil robots.

Now that I've been living on my own for two years the angst-y "you guys just don't understand me and how I'm feeling" mindset has all but disappeared. I can now talk to my parents on a more mature level and discuss real world matters and not end up in a screaming match with doors (always my door) being slammed and tears (always my tears) flooding the house. I now appreciate all the work they put into raising little ol' me.

You can never go to too many concerts, shows, or festivals.

This is one of the basic rules to a happy life. If you ever feel down or stale in life, go see your favorite band or artist and I promise you, you will feel like you're the rock star up on stage (even though you're not and you know you never will be). It's the thought that counts. The added bonus of a cool picture to post on your Instagram doesn't hurt either.

Earning your own money is rewarding.

Hard work never goes out of style and up until recently I didn't realize this. For my first 19 years on Earth I assumed my only dream job would be to not have a job at all. Nowadays I can't imagine not working towards something or for something. Right now I only work to buy concert tickets and clothes, but one day I'll probably want a house or new car or my own vacuum. I guess that comes when I hit 22.

Sarcasm doesn't care about age.

Have you ever felt like the smartest person in the room? What about the most sarcastic? I have my own statistic that only a handful of human beings truly understand sarcasm, the rest just act like they get your emotionless glare when you tell them you hate them. I know people in their 40s who don't understand the way I speak and it blows my mind. My whole life I just assumed all adults were smart because they knew how to survive on their own. Now I see that most of them don't, and the vast majority don't get sarcasm either.

Respect is no longer a given just because someone is older.

When I say this I don't mean I spit on old ladies and roll my eyes at every dumb thing another person says; it just means that not everyone I meet needs the "Kylie-stamp-of- approval" and everyone who meets me doesn't have to bow down at my feet. If I think you're intelligent and I can look up to you on an intellectual level then yeah, you get the stamp. I no longer have to look up in awe at every one of my teachers, and I no longer have to think that my friends parents are smart. (I just can't spit in their faces.)

NEVER wear trendy clothes.

Isn't this in Fashion 101? Trends are over before you even pick one up, so why waste your money on clothes that aren't really cute to begin with. Unless you're a new age hipster who believes trendy is the new uncool and you're just poking fun at others but no one actually cares anyways. So either way, just don't do it; you'll save money and look better.

One final note, all of these things probably won't mean anything to me in a year from now because I'll be 21 and a half and I'll be thinking about buying a vacuum and maybe spending my time at art museums because I'll be wiser and way, way cooler with wittier jokes and better hair.

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