A Letter to the Little Ones who Labeled me Aunt
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A Letter to the Little Ones who Labeled me Aunt

When you give a girl a niece and nephew...

A Letter to the Little Ones who Labeled me Aunt
Deanna Tradewell

I remember - I remember it all. Most clearly, I can think back to the first time that your skin touched mine as you grasped at my pinky. Soft and delicate to the touch, that's what I can recall. Vulnerability, that's what I felt as the touch of your skin somehow opened my heart to you. As you both latched on tightly, I had become your connection to Earth. In those moments, it's as if you were proclaiming to me that your presence on Earth had not been enough. You claimed me as your connection to this world. I had become your governed protector. Our bond was instantaneous. It's as if our gravitated touch had formulated a pinky promise. An agreement that I would always look out for you. I would always serve the greater purpose of characterizing you into the individuals that you were created to become.

I remember staying in this same position for what seemed like hours as I stared into your eyes. The purity of your beings was overwhelming. The world had yet to form an impression on you. Your wholeness symbolized that truth. I remember as I examined every movement, that I could have sworn that you were a familiar face. Maybe we had meet in another life. Maybe universal time had separated us momentarily and God was restoring the balance by reuniting us. Every timid smile you shown that caused the dimples to originate in the corner of your similar faces reminded me of the deja vu of this very moment. Every action that your bodies spoke to me, calmed my presence. You restored the balance and brought forth a sense of wholeness in the family. Nothing like this had previously existed.

The day of your births was a revolutionary period for our household. Although all three of us did not live in the same physical home, I felt as if I had three. Your arrival home from the hospital had marked this moment for me. Wherever you two went, my heart followed. Most often, I did as well. I did not want to miss out on a second of your lives. Furthermore, I had a promise to keep. I was meant to ensure your safety and I did not plan to break our agreement. Therefore, I was your second mom - always there to help feed you, change you, and sing to you words of praise. As you progressed in age, this role transformed into being your big sister or at the very least, the cool aunt.

Now, as time has seemed to slip away only to be replaced with memories filled with consistent laughter, I want to imprint on the both of you character. So very often, individuals in this world are willing to forget who they are in order to "fit in" and be "accepted" by society. This is not the fate that I desire for you. I never wish to witness the purity and innocent dwindle from your eyes. For if that happens, I would have failed the promise I had made to you upon first meeting your gaze. Instead, I wish nothing more than to instill the courage and strength in you needed to protect yourselves and others from what can be a cruel world. Through this empowerment, I hope to visualize the personal development that will be undergone by the both of you. You may not see it now, but I assure you that you both are destined for a lot more than imaginable. I saw this fact beam from your presence and felt it the second our pinkies locked. My promise to you, I will be the shoulder to lean on whenever you do not feel good enough to follow this fate. Furthermore, I will be your guide when you temporary lose the ability to feel what is right for yourselves and your whole world seems to be crumbling. Alongside you, I will stand to aid in the clean up and rebuilding process. Forever, you will hold me heart. For infinity, I will keep my promise.

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