A Letter To Stressed-Out College Students

A Letter To Stressed-Out College Students


If you're a college student and you haven't felt like pulling your hair out from stress, well, then you aren't a true college student. I'm going to start off by saying the most over-used statement ever: “We've all been there.”

College is, arguably, the best time in someone’s life. However, it can also be the worst time of someone’s life. Whether it be the transition from an ignorant high school student to an independent college student, or the heavy (and unnecessary) schoolwork, going to college is no walk in the park. Yes, college can be an amazing ride with new friends, parties, job opportunities, and living on your own, but it's also a major life shock. You are on your own, in your final years of school…talk about a mid-midlife crisis.

So, how do college students handle themselves when they're overcome with stress? There are various ways college students deal with their stressful workloads.

  • Stress-eating (that’s how the “freshman fifteen” actually happens)
  • Not eating (never a good idea)
  • Not sleeping (late nights at the library)
  • Having mental breakdowns every two seconds (been there)

Those are some of the more common approaches to handling stress, none of which are really effective or good for your health. No one really has the solution on how to not get stressed out. Unfortunately, it's inevitable to become stressed over SOMETHING, especially in college. So that’s where this article comes in handy. Here are some approaches you can take to manage and reduce your stress.

First, relax and breathe. Accept that you're stressed, and try to calm yourself down. This moment in time you are stressed, but you won’t feel this way forever.

Try to understand why you're stressed, and come up with a plan to fix it. For example, if you have a lot of homework to do and studying on your plate, make a schedule or checklist for yourself so you can manage your time, but more importantly, get everything done in an organized fashion. I know that can be difficult, but it’s worth a shot!

Meditation and/or yoga probably sounds silly, but they're especially helpful when dealing with stress and anxiety in life. Maybe sit in your room, listen to music, and try to zone out for a few minutes. Enable yourself to relax every day. It's important to give yourself a break. You're human, and you can only handle so much work at once, so if it starts to pile up, take your time with it and make sure to reward yourself.

Everyone has different habits and preferences, so the best thing I can say to you (again) is that overused saying, “We've all been there.” It’s okay to get stressed and be overwhelmed. It's a part of life, so stay positive and embrace the stress, because it will only help you for the future.

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If You Choose Not To Vaccinate Your Kids, Then Take Responsibility For It

Choosing not to vaccinate your kid can put them and other kids at risk for preventable disease, do your research before putting others at risk.


There is a lot of controversies when it comes to vaccinations, most people have their kids vaccinated but there are people out there not are completely against it. They say it causes autism and other risks.

Personally, I have had all 3 of my kids vaccinated, and they have had no side effects and have rarely been sick. And there has not been any research saying that these vaccines cause any kind of side effects besides what is stated by the doctor when they are done.

Autism has not been linked to vaccines, people have their own beliefs and opinions but when you don't get your kids vaccinated you are putting other kids at risk of getting sick.

Because of this small minority of people think that vaccines are bad for their kid's health. They may be a small group but they are a very vocal group.

I don't usually criticize other parents on how they raise their kids, but when it comes to my kid's health I'm going to say something, as do other parents. Most of the time when your kids are going to school they have to be vaccinated or they can not attend.

And I know that these parents are just looking out for the children just like the rest of us, but sometimes these thoughts that they have are a little misguided.

People think that big government is just lying to us about vaccines and that they are just harmful chemicals going into our kid's bodies and will just make them sick. They think that the vaccine is more harmful then their kid getting the measles.

These parents have been told by anti-vax professionals that these vaccines are harmful, so instead of asking your child's doctor about immunizations they just go by what these "professionals" tell them.

One of the biggest arguments is that the vaccines make people sicker, We are not getting sicker if we are vaccinated not even a bit, getting vaccinated we are making our kids healthier because we are preventing them from getting sick.

There is roughly 1 serious vaccine injury out of every million vaccines given. This is a number that is worldwide, from Japan to Australia. Vaccines are safe and effective, not because pharmaceutical say they are, but because of the decades of research show they are.

So stop listening to all these so-called anti-vax professionals, talk to you doctors do all your research. your child's health and all the children around thems health depends on it.

And if you do choose not to vaccinate then tell the school and parents that your kid is not vaccinated, because if your child gets the measles or any other preventable diseases then the parents will know how their kid got it or to protect them from it.

So get your kids vaccinated, it's great for society and not expensive, and most of all it could just save their life.

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