August 16, 2014

Dear (2017) Bryanna,

Today is the last day of the 5 Main Conference camp. I am excited to pursue my first real leadership role, and to represent DOLLS (Daughters of Our Living Lord and Savior) ministry at my school. What I hope to accomplish is to lead my school to Christ, with the help of my fellow officers. I am more than confident that this camp has prepared me for the battle of this upcoming year. Being here gives me an idea of dorm life next year: sharing a tight space, away from home, surrounded by peers day and night. Hopefully I will only have one roommate instead of nine! (We are sharing a cabin with another high school chapter...with a dozen bunk beds!)

Senior years officially begins one week from tomorrow!!! I am super excited to extend the college searching process so I can graduate high school and migrate from Texas. My goal for the semester is to retake the ACT and get accepted into Cedarville University in Ohio. I am searching for a Christ centered university where I have the opportunity to grow academically, personally, and spiritually with the entire student body. As far as field of study, after completing an independent study in accounting last year, I have decided to look back into creative writing again.

While there are four months remaining in 2014, I can honestly say this year has changed my life the most. My mental health has come a long way between spring 2013 and today. I am thankful for DOLLS, my church, and friends who helped me through the chaos of junior year. Although this month was also rough from losing two relatives back to back, making it to Kentucky for the funeral helped me cope with the tragedy. It reminded me to spend as much time with my elders as possible.

As I say goodbye to this camp, and the amazing people I met, I am ready to take on senior year. I am ready to go my best in each class and improve my writing skills for my college admissions essays, as well as improving on my ACT. I am ready to be remembered (in the most positive way) at my high school and each classmate/friend who does not make it to my future. I look forward to looking back on how much I have changed in the next few years!!


Bryanna from 2014

(aka me from the past)