26 Reasons I'm Thankful For My Boyfriend
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26 Reasons I'm Thankful For My Boyfriend

Wow, I'm lucky.

26 Reasons I'm Thankful For My Boyfriend

You do a lot for me, and I know I may not tell you this enough, but I am beyond thankful for you. You do so much more than you know.

Here's why I'm thankful for you;

1. You decide where to eat, or what to eat. This seems to be our biggest struggle ever... I am so thankful when you do actually decide for us. Not to mention what you pick and your cooking are always amazing!

2. You carry my stuff. I'mliterally a bag lady, so it's nice when you lend a hand. You never fail to pick up my heaviest bag, or just carry my purse for me when you see me struggling. Thanks for giving my muscles a break.

3. Opening doors for me. It's the little things that few guys still do that matter. Thank you for being a gentleman.

4. Always sending me "good morning'" texts. You may not know it, but this means the world to me. It starts my day off so well, and gives me something to smile about when I roll over.

5. Being an open ear. My rants, complaints, and venting is never an inconvenience for you. Thanks for being that listening ear when I need it.

6. Being strong. This always seems to come in handy when I can't open something. Thanks for getting those lids that are just too tight!

7. Being a kid with me. Whether its wrestling, chasing, or dancing, you always seem bring out the fun side in me. Thanks for never wanting to "adult" with me.

8. PAYING FOR STUFF. Whew... I know this probably got old really quick, because I like to eat and stuff, but thanks for always insisting on paying for suppers and dates. It makes me feel so valued!

9. Making me smile when I REALLY don't want to. You always turn my bad mood into a good one, and never fail to make me smile. You're hilarious, so that helps a little. Thanks for being persistent on my bad days. I pretend I don't like it, but you'll never know how much this means to me.

10. Eating what I cook. Even if its burnt, dry, or just not good, thanks for scarfing it down and telling me it was great. This really spares my feelings.

11. Always lending a hand to those who need it. You would never let a person who needs something go without help. You humble yourself and aren't afraid to do whatever you can to help anyone. Thanks for having such great character.

12. Being calm when I'm not. You just never seem to get upset or lose your cool, which I admire so much. Thanks for being level headed when I'm not.

13. Taking 1500 pictures with me. Oh, I know you hate this so much, but I love that you smile no matter how many pictures I force you to take (with or without me in them). Not to mention that I love your smile! :)

14. Supporting every decision I make. I can always count on you to be there to help me figure out what to do, and then backing me up 100 percent. (Even on the dumb decisions.)

15. Telling me I'm beautiful without make-up. Talk about a confidence booster! You make me feel beautiful even on my worst days, bags under my eyes and all. Thank you for that.

16. Planning fun dates vs. Netflix and chillin'. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE staying in and watching movies, but mountains, Biltmore, movies, apple picking, and the lake are all so much more adventurous! Thanks for always making dates fun!

17. Always knowing what to say. This never fails. Although it kills me to say it, you're usually right. Thanks for always being the voice of reason and someone I can always count on.

18. Showing me off. This makes me feel so wanted and valued. Thanks for always being proud to have me by your side and introducing me to any and everyone.

19. Putting thought into stuff. No matter what it is, you always put thought into anything and everything you do for me. From my favorite foods to my obsession with candles, you don't miss a thing. This doesn't go unnoticed.

20. Hugging me with two arms. I can't stand the whole "one arm side hug" thing, so thanks for hugging me tightly every time.

21. Your patience. I guess you kind of need this to date me. I know I take forever to get ready and make us late to EVERYTHING, but thanks for never rushing me. Sorry to tell you this, but it probably won't get better as I get older.

22. Always including me. You'll never know how much I really love being included in dinner with the guys.

23. Dealing with me when I'm dramatic. I try not to be, but I know I SOMETIMES can be a drama queen. So thanks for just laughing it off.

24. Loving God. Your faith is so incredibly strong, and you have been so influential to me in my walk with Christ. Thanks for being a real man and loving God so much. Not to mention that I love going to church with you every Sunday!

25. Being my best friend. You are someone I can always have fun with and can count on for anything. You make me so happy and always push me to be a better person.

26. Loving me. It is so amazing to be so known and so loved. You do everything perfectly, and I couldn't ask for anything more!

You're awesome and I could never thank you enough for all you do. Not a thing you do goes unnoticed or unrecognized. Thanks for being you. <3

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