Nine Stereotypical Types Of Relatives You Encounter On Thanksgiving
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Nine Stereotypical Types Of Relatives You Encounter On Thanksgiving

We all have a few of these family members at the dinner table.

Nine Stereotypical Types Of Relatives You Encounter On Thanksgiving

Personally, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Nothing beats the food, the football, and of course, the family. Every family is unique in their own way, but most have a lot in common. Here are nine different stereotypical types of family members you encounter on Thanksgiving.

1. Screaming Kids

It seems like there is always a baby or little kid that isn’t having the best day. Whether the food tastes bad to them or they’re mad that they’re all dressed up, they are upset and letting everyone know it. No matter how many sweets or times you try to calm them down they will continue to throw a never-ending hissy fit. We have all been there, we have all had those days, but it just seems like they have that day every Thanksgiving.

2. The little kid who is a picky eater

As delicious as Thanksgiving food is, there always seems to be that little kid who doesn’t like turkey, gravy, or ANY of the foods that are Thanksgiving related. No matter what you offer them, it simply will not satisfy them. So instead, they force their mom to make them something like chicken nuggets.

3. Uncle who claims all time QB

After probably being a couple beers deep, when it comes time for the family football game, he is the one that claims dibs on playing all-time quarterback. It is probably because he is too old and/or out of shape to run. He will also always blame his wide receivers (who are roughly 10 years old) for dropping passes and will never hustle to stop the returner after throwing an interception.

4. Competitive relative who only talks about their kid

It always seems like there is that one relative who just cannot talk about anything but how amazing their kid is. At first, it is nice to hear about how they’re doing and it is good that they are proud of their kid’s accomplishments, as they should be. But there comes a point where it is time they talk about something else. Literally talk about anything else, even the weather or the stock market.

5. Cousin you haven’t seen since last Thanksgiving

Every time you leave on that prior Thanksgiving, you say “It was so nice seeing you; we will definitely have to get lunch and meet up sometime soon!” You both know it is never going to happen, but it is a nice gesture to put out there. And sure enough, surprise, surprise, next Thanksgiving rolls around, and you haven’t seen them in 365 days.

6. The new Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Whether they are now dating your siblings or your cousins, there always seems to be that new boyfriend or girlfriend at the Thanksgiving dinner. Not only do they have the pleasure of watching your family embarrass you, they always get bombarded with questions and are the focus of attention from all the family members.

7. Mom who can’t stop taking pictures

There always seems to be that mom who has to take a picture of every possible combination of family members imaginable. Like in elementary school during math class, where they ask how many possible orders you can eat your food in it. It is like that, except on a way larger scale, and the math problem might be more fun.

8. Grandmother who keeps putting food on your plate

God bless all grandmothers, they are the nicest human beings to ever walk on God’s green earth. They never ever want to see you go hungry, but there is only so much food a stomach can possibly hold. No matter how much you insist you’re full, she will continue to force food onto your plate.

9. Grandfather who always seems to be taking a nap

If there is one thing about Thanksgiving that is highly underrated, it is the naps. And no one naps to perfection on Thanksgiving like grandfathers. It could be three in the afternoon or not even 11 o’clock in the morning, but rest assured that if there is a nap opportunity to be had, he will be asleep without hesitation.

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