My fellow Americans,

We all have a dream. A dream that can take us up to new heights. A dream that can open doors to new opportunities. A dream that can take us on a new adventure. A dream.

Dreams are not something you see in your sleep; it is something that doesn’t let you sleep.

The more you keep thinking more and more about them, the clearer your vision for the future will become!

However, as Colin Powell said, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

Just like you can’t become a superstar overnight, your dreams don’t happen overnight. It takes time, determination and hard work to achieve your goals. As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”.

In 1783, we, as Americans, got together and left the British to establish a new country. Why? Not only because we found new land, but we hated the British.

So, we rose up and we fought the British, and we gained our independence. From that point on, it is then noted that Americans can do anything we set our mind to.

Our concept of “The American Dream” officially began in 1963 when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have A Dream” speech, inspired by the historic events prior to his speech.

He had a vision: a unified America.

This caught many Americans' attention, resulting in changes in regards to the injustices of poverty, serration and violence toward African-Americans. He had a vision that changed the country for the better.

I have a dream.

A dream of a unified America where we can get along with one another. A unified America that stands up for what’s right.

The Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that ALL men are created equal.”

This does not mean just white people, not just Asian or Mexican people, it means everyone is created equal, no matter where they came from or their situations.

ALL MEN are created equal.

I have a dream that as Americans we can achieve our “American Dream.” If someone doubts our dream or it offends someone, it shouldn’t matter.


Because it’s our life, not theirs. We have control of our own lives. We have a great opportunity to achieve our dreams.

No dreams are too big, no goals are too small.

I have a dream, a dream to be free. A dream that allows us to do whatever we want without someone breathing down our neck. A dream that includes rights that cannot be taken away.

This dream of freedom can help achieve our “American Dream” of unity and diversity.

We have a dream. A dream that’s bigger than you can ever imagine. A dream that can take you beyond the horizon. A dream that no matter what is in our way, pushes us forward.

We have a dream. A dream of freedom. A dream of justice. A dream of equality.

Someday, we don’t have to dream about it. Someday, we can make our dreams a reality.

Someday, our dreams will become a success.

We have a dream. A dream that we can come together and change the world. A dream that can change lives and the future of everyone. A dream that will be revolutionary.

Let freedom ring from sea to shining sea;

Let freedom ring so we can live out our American Dream!

Let freedom ring so people can come in such as the Chinese and Japanese.

Let freedom ring so we can all unite and sing in harmony!

In the end, dreams take time. However, dreams don’t happen like magic.

They are achieved through hard work, determination and motivation.

Sometimes, people may not like the dream you are going for. That’s ok! They don’t see our dreams like we do.

Your mission is to make your impossible dream, possible.

Some may say that dreams don't matter. But they do. They shape a person's life, even change it for the better.

They may shape other people's lives as well. It brings more meaning to our lives. But without dreams, there's no change.

We all have a dream, and we need to live it out by setting goals. Dreams don’t happen overnight. It takes determination and hard work to make it happen.

One man had a vision. That vision led to a dream which became a reality.

That man was Martin Luther King Jr.

So I challenge you, my fellow American citizens, live out your “American Dream.”

Who knows? It can start something revolutionary! It only takes one to start it all!


A fellow American with a dream