A Letter To A Strong Beautiful Woman

A Letter To A Strong Beautiful Woman

You must love yourself before others

Dear A Strong Beautiful Woman,

Yes, I am talking to you. First things first, I want you to look in the mirror and tell yourself that. Good! Second, I want you to believe that you ARE beautiful. You have so many people that love you: friends, family, roommates, and of course, your pet(s). You do not need a man to make you, YOU. No matter what you need to always believe that. Even when times are tough. You can get through anything because you are a STRONG woman. But you need to remember that you will always have your friends and family there for you, through good and bad times.

You will have up's and down's in your life, and yes you may be independent BUT you are NOT ALONE. You will be gifted a long life to truly find yourself, and remember no one said it as going to be an easy journey. Just always remember you have yourself, friends, family, and more in your fan section, cheering you on. Being a strong woman does often time mean you carry a twenty-pound weight on your shoulders, or it may be a huge burden. This just means you can handle a lot at one time, but you will always have help for ones that deeply care and love you for you.

And if you are in a bad or rocky relationship, just remember this quote "She's a beautiful simple woman, that just desires love but is made to look complicated by a man who isn't man enough to provide the things she deserves." Every single relationship will have its up's and down's but guess what, that does not mean that he or she has to throw in the towel for something stupid. And if your significant other cheats, OH NO, that is not okay. Obviously, he or she did not deserve you. Yes, the breakup will hurt, but remember what was said 'You are independent, but never alone.' This will just make you strong and you will get through it. I promise. Give it time, you will find a person that is willing to take a bullet for you; shower you will a great deal of love, well sorry my dear but that person is not even worth looking at. Weak men cannot love a strong woman.

One day you will be a great role model for your future (current) daughter(s). You will show her the path to success and be there for her when she needs her strong mother to overcome the worse times in life; as well as be there when she receives a full ride to college, or on her wedding day; so that the breed of strong independent women will continue on for more generations to come.

At the end of the day, you are such a strong, gorgeous, wise, and independent woman that will never be alone. And you will leave you mark on this world for others to see and remember you by. Now, look in the mirror again.


A Strong, Beautiful Woman

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Being Ugly

What it means to me


Due to a series of ongoing events throughout my semester, I've reconsidered what it means for someone to truly be ugly. Though it is often used in terms of appearance, I do not see it as such-- now more than ever. Ugliness runs deeper than appearance-- it runs within one's soul and festers into other areas of one's life, particularly in their treatment of others.

I view ugliness as someone's conscious capacity and implementation of malice. Taking time and energy out of your day to hurt someone else, that's what I view as ugly. Some offenses are more minor than others, however, it is still a conscious effort to hurt or affect someone else negatively-- and that's the source of the problem. I truly wonder what causes that sort of behavior in someone, as I, along with most people, simply do not invest time or energy into hating or plotting against others. It seems like a full-time job.

I can theorize all sorts of reasons as to why someone would act this way: hate, jealousy, vengeance, etc. Yet, all of these reasons don't hit the root reason. It almost seems that some people are just innately ugly in their soul. This alludes to the timeless debate of whether one's personality is due to nature or nurture. Again, although our surroundings and environment do have a large effect in our behavior, that alibi only goes so far when multiple people are placed in the same environment, in the same situation, and only some are willing to cross moral boundaries in order to hurt the others. Just because an environment applies pressure to people, does not mean everyone is going to act out in malice, and it certainly does not give everyone an excuse to do so. Some people are simply conniving and, well, ugly inside.

If you have ever encountered people like this, I know from personal experience that it is such a drag. You have an enemy, essentially, whether you chose to or not, however based on their hatred towards you, they are now considered an enemy, a hater, and any other associated term. Know that they will do anything in their power to bring you down, even if it requires bending the truth and creating elaborate schemes, but you have to keep on doing you. Let them obsess over ways to bring you down. At the end of the day, their time and energy is being invested into bringing you down, while yours is being used to build yourself up. They will fall by default. So, keep your head high, act in grace, and make your money. They can sip on their Haterade and watch from below.

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