Letter to my Stepdad
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Letter to my Stepdad

Stepdads are just as important on Father's Day.

Letter to my Stepdad

On Father's Day there are plenty of posts and pictures celebrating the fathers -- but for some, this is the chance to celebrate a stepdad. My stepdad has always supported me and loves me like his own because he wantsto, and would do anything for me. I love my stepdad, first, because he loves God; second, because he loves my mom; and third, because he loves our family.

When I first met my mom's boyfriend (eventually to become my stepdad), I was not happy. I was not happy that my mom had a new man in her life. I was not happy to have potential new siblings in my life. I was especially not happy because I finally realized my parents were not getting back together. Point blank, I was a brat. I was also six years old, and the simplest act could change my mind. My mom's new boyfriend quickly became my ice cream buddy. I was always a cheerleader for the football team he was coaching, and he was always my cheerleader for anything I set out to do.

He always told my mom before they got married that she was so much tougher on me (punishment wise) than she was on my brother. After they got married, he realized there was a reason for this. I was so hard-headed that you could have beat my head with a brick and I still wouldn't apologize for whatever I did wrong. Despite my rebellious ways, and rude mouth, he is always on my side. He may not always agree with me, but he always tries to understand where I am coming from.

When my mom said "I do" and God blessed her and her husband with a baby 18 months later, I knew my little sister was going to have the best family. Not only did she have four brothers and sisters that already loved her, she had the two best parents I have ever met. I thought maybe my siblings and I, being so much older, were going to now get overlooked, but my parents still made sure that my siblings and I were taken care of, and knew that we were loved.

My stepdad was the one to keep my mom sane as she tried to control me through my younger teenage years. If it weren't for him, she might have strangled me (not really, but I definitely would have deserved it).

He's provided me with a car, a college education, and countless other material items; most importantly, he provided me with a dad. He is a business owner, a Godly man, and a loving father and husband. He works his butt off to provide for my family, and I will forever be thankful. He sacrifices so much, and does it with a smile on his face. I don't know any man who would go to the measures that my stepdad would to make someone happy. I feel as though many people (including me) often over look all he has done and continues to do. He truly is such an amazing man, and I couldn't have asked for a better male role model. I love him more than words can say. I think everything he does means so much to me because I know he doesn't have to do it, he does it because he wants to.

To Mr. Wallace,

Thank you for everything. Thank you for countless ice-cream trips, Ga. football games (go, Dawgs), vacations, and many other things. Thank you for being someone to vent to, and someone who is always available to help me. Thank you for supporting my education, and what I plan to do with my future. But most importably, thank you for loving my mom, Lance, and me as if we've been in your life the whole time. I could go on and on about things that I need to thank you for, but I'll end with this. Thank you for the life you've provided for our family, and if one day I meet a guy that is half the man you are, I will know to hold onto him. I love you.

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