A Letter To Grayson Allen From A 'Fan'
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A Letter To Grayson Allen From A 'Fan'

Hoping this letter makes you cry like you did after the ACC Tournament.

A Letter To Grayson Allen From A 'Fan'

Dear Grayson Allen,

Wow, has time flown by. When we first met you, you were winning the High School Dunk contest; a white kid with hops was surprising for all of us. Then, you were a bench rider for the Duke Blue Devils, making your first nationally significant appearance in the National Championship game. That was your coming-out party.

We didn't quite know what to expect coming into this season. Wait, yes we did. This has happened before. We all knew you would be just another obnoxious, entitled Duke player who thinks they can do anything.

You have followed in the footsteps of Christian Laettner and J.J. Reddick as the hated Duke white villain: a really talented, cocky, white player who could practically get away with murder on the court. And to no surprise, you have embraced the title. You match all of their qualities on the court; a fierce competitor, a talented athlete, and a confident teammate. You also match their antics on the court; need I mention the two times you've tried to trip someone on the court this year? Yes, yes I do.

This is familiar to all of us who have a passionate hatred for Duke. These stupid acts that are brushed aside are the usual for you entitled white boys. May we remind you of the Christian Laettner curb stomp? Yes, yes we will.

Like your predecessors before you, you have even managed to gain the approval of the refs. Not only do you get away with doing horrible things on the court, you get every call or non-call that you possibly could while playing. Must I mention the four-step travel and the up-and-down you committed against UVA? Yes, yes I must.

Grayson, you have continued to embody these horrible acts that the villains before you created and were known for. Seeing you fail is something that gives me—along with many other sports fans—great joy. Seeing you cry during your very early departure from the ACC Tournament was fulfilling for many sports fans. Eventually, cheating will come back to haunt you, maybe even trip you up, and you won't always have the favor of the referees.

We all know you're probably going to bolt for the draft after this season, so your time in college basketball is limited. So, plan your next trip with Krzyzewski, keep getting as many calls as you can, and hold your head up high; it'll be more fun to watch you fall when you're confident.


Your Biggest Fan

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