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Let's Grow Together

Self-improvement is only obtained from new experiences and outlooks, so the way to acquire new experiences and perspectives, is to explore the roads less traveled and escape one's comfort zone.

Let's Grow Together

It's 2019 and everyone's focused on self-improvement and achieving their goals. Social media has fueled our society with the burning motivation to, "live your best life." But what does living your best life consist of? One would think it would be different for every person on the world, but I think it's actually drastically simpler than that. Even though everyone has various goals and aspirations, we all have the opportunity to live our best lives if we follow one simple suggestion: step out of your comfort zone.

I strongly believe, based on my personal experience as well as others around me, that growth only stems from uncomfortableness. How can one improve if they have never failed or tried anything different? We grow up learning that in this world, you have to work as hard as you can to live your desired lifestyle during the span of your individual lifetime. Whether it be to become a wealthy businessman, go to culinary school, live in a tiny house in the desert, raise a large family, or travel the world-- none of those lifestyles allow for constant complacency. Being complacent can become a negative perspective for someone trying to improve their quality of life because complacency tends to breed idleness. When you're complacent, you may be content with the situation you're currently in, but in the long run you will eventually realize that you are going through the motions of your life.

We are only given so many years to survive, so why spend the majority of them stuck in your own little box?

Life is meant to be experienced.

Be spontaneous. Say yes to things you don't normally say yes to. Try new food and new friends, or maybe try being alone for a bit. Find a new hobby and stick with it. Get out of Tampa for a weekend and observe what you discover. Eating or drinking various types of meals and beverages can introduce someone to a new culture or lifestyle. Living spontaneously, rather than calculating each step, has allowed me to experience a wide range of traveling and living experience. There is so much to discover in our vast world. The first step to enhancing one's experiences and natural life lessons is to embrace change and adapt to it. Things may seem uncomfortable, or unnatural at first, and the first reaction may be to immediately escape. But, remaining in a short season of discomfort can teach you how to adapt to the discomfort, as well as figuring out what works and what doesn't.

Failure breeds experience, which is most necessary to succeed in this day and age. Although stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things can seem obvious, as well as not a priority to some, allowing yourself to experience new things is an educating process. So much can be learned and gained from simply not following the same routine.

Want to grow in your life? Jump outside the box and watch your life story unfold.

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